Once Upon A Time: Is Cora The Wicked Witch from Oz?

Once Upon A Time:  Is Cora The Wicked Witch from Oz?

During the recording of our podcast, Mike came with an interesting theory on Cora’s identity. We assumed that Cora must be the Queen of Hearts, since her name means ‘heart’ in several languages. For example ‘cor’ in Latin and ‘coeur’ in French. But does Cora really refer back to that, or does it refer to something else? We already saw that Dr. Whale was a reference back to the 1937 black-and-white Dr. Frankenstein movie directed by James Whale. This could be an indication that the names are more loosely connected to the character than we previously thought. Here is Mike’s theory:

Mike writes:

There was some discussion on Secrets of OUAT of the many allusions to The Wizard of Oz. I think I discovered one no one has mentioned yet. Regina’s mother, an evil sorceress, is named Cora. Margaret Hamilton, the actress who played the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 movie, also had a long run in the 1970s doing Maxwell House coffee commercials as a character named Cora. I think OUAT’s Cora is meant to be the Wicked Witch.

So is Cora really the Wicked Witch of the West and does she belong in Oz rather than in Wonderland? Is the room with the curtains in the shared dream located in Oz and are the curtains portals? Is the portal Cora wants to open in Oz? What do you think?

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  1. Nonnie

    THIS is an interesting theory but I think WIZARD OF OZ… will not show up til next season. I think Cora is THE QUEEN OF HEARTS (QofH) ….. that was why she had Regina’s father captive / that is why she went up against Regina. I also do not think she had MAGIC in Wonderland. She was more of a prisoner there.

    I also think the red room that Henry and Aurora dreamed about has something to do with QofH and we will be finding more about dreams in the upcoming episodes.

    (pronounced: NO ( long O) nnee ( long ee sound)

    btw… some of the frequent acronyms used in some of the forums. Frequently posters start using them whenever they post a lot or on the same forums. I will try to leave explanations from now on.

    FTL/ EF …. Fairy Tale Land / Enchanted Forest
    MM = Mary Margret
    PC= Prince Charles
    SB = Storybrooke
    EQ = evil queen
    QofH= Queen of Hearts

    There are tons of other but I can not think of them now.

    1. Bhuwan

      Thanks Nonnie for the acronyms and their meaning :-)

      Even though Regina and Rumple managed to get rid of Cora into a dimension from where she is still struggling to come back and take her revenge from Regina, I don’t think Cora is or can be kept as a prisoner in any land, she does have her magic/ power, it may not be strong enough to travel between the world but she would be using it it to gain rule over other. I agree with you that she is QofH, but WofOz… hmmm naah I think it would be gentle/ kind person, not a ruthless/cruel person like Cora and most probably a male :-) just plain guess work, no inside information…

  2. Angela Sealana

    I also had the theory that the red room dream had to do with the Wizard of Oz, and I totally agree with Fr. Roderick’s theory; Cora could definitely provide the Tin Man with a heart! And her color is red, same as the dream’s room and the wizard’s curtain…and the ruby slippers. Plus, Cora did enter Wonderland through a mirror, perhaps that could connect with the ‘smoke and mirrors’ discussed during the podcast.

    Let me say a word about the name “Neal.” If it means “horned” or “curly” we can solve BOTH with the fact that Neal = Peter Pan. Do you remember the Greek god Pan? He was half-man, half-goat, so he had *horns* and usually pictured with *curly hair*. The name “Peter” is originally Greek, although I don’t see how ROCK could be connected to Peter Pan or Neal. But could Neal’s name refer to Pan?

    As for what’s inside August’s box, at first I thought it may be some sort of creature from Fairy Tale World. I wondered if it was Tinkerbell…but a Peter Pan character would go nuts seeing her. So, maybe it’s Peter Pan’s shadow! Neal’s facial expression looked so similar to what I remember from Peter Pan’s face when he sees his shadow in the Disney movie.

    Also, a few items if Neal is Peter Pan: 1) In a way, Neal seems like he’s never ‘grown up’ – he still is sort of childish in his lifestyle. 2) It would be SO ironic that he stole watches, almost like how Peter Pan buys…or ‘steals’ time by living in Neverland. (Plus, that whole crocodile thing.)
    3) Since Hook now seems to be interested in Emma, that could definitely create a problem if Hook and Neal/Peter Pan ever meet.

    I could go on, but I will wait for the next podcast. Thanks for a great show!

    1. Post author

      I researched some name origins. This site claims ‘Neal’ is the Irish version of Neil which is short for Cornelius. Wikipedia gives ‘curly haired’ for the given name ‘Cassidy’ that’s also in use as a given name.

  3. medchen

    HURRAH ! for you guys!! What very insightfull podcasts you have. Thank you for giving me lots of new ideas and points of view on the show.

    About Cora I think she could easily be both, since they are both secondary wicked witch characters. But I dont like the idea that she is the mastermind behind the curtains in the red room. I hope the red room is something on its own, not constructed by any of the characters. But like an allegory of some sort of shared consciousness that the characters can reach with dreams, sort of the same as what fairytales are.

  4. Dasie

    I think it’s a possibility that Cora is The Wicked Witch of The West, but now the question that comes to mind is if Cora is The Wicked Witch of The West, wouldn’t that make Regina’s ally, Maleficent The Wicked Witch of The East and Rumpelstiltskin the Wizard?

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