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Fr. Roderick

The Break
The perfect way to start your day, with a mix of music, news, movies, tv-series, video games, history, health tips, inspiration,  science fiction and more.
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The Walk
The Walk with Fr. Roderick: a podcast about health, fitness, weight loss, physical and spiritual well-being.
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catholicinsider-100pxCatholic Insider
In his award-winning travel podcast, Roman Catholic priest Fr. Roderick takes you on a journey of discovery to fascinating places all over the world.
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SQPN Shows

letstalk"Let’s Talk…
The things that matter to you. Let’s Talk is based on your contributions and feedback, so join the conversation today.
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praystation-100pxPraystation Portable
With this podcast, you can turn your mp3 player into a Praystation Portable. When you subscribe, you will receive daily prayers from the Catholic Liturgy of the Hours.
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verbum-100pxVerbum Domini
Daily Scripture Readings of the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar.
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Secrets of…

doctorwho100pxSecrets of Doctor Who
A Doctor Who fan podcast in which we analyze the themes, stories and symbolism of the BBC TV Series ‘Doctor Who’.
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starwars100pxSecrets of Star Wars
Dom Bettinelli and Fr. Roderick talk about the new Star Wars movies.
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