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Fr. Roderick

The Break
The perfect way to start your day, with a mix of music, news, movies, tv-series, video games, history, health tips, inspiration,  science fiction and more.
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geekweek100pxGeek Week
Fr. Roderick covers the latest news from the world of comics, gadgets, Sci-Fi, video games, science, technology, animation, apps, collectibles and life hacks.
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The Walk
The Walk with Fr. Roderick: a podcast about health, fitness, weight loss, physical and spiritual well-being.
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pixelplay100pxPixel Play
Your Guide to Digital Entertainment – Reviews of video games by Fr. Roderick.
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catholicinsider-100pxCatholic Insider
In his award-winning travel podcast, Roman Catholic priest Fr. Roderick takes you on a journey of discovery to fascinating places all over the world.
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SQPN Shows

 catholicweekend-100pxCatholic Weekend
A funny, entertaining and informative show hosted by the podcasters from the Star Quest Production Network,
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praystation-100pxPraystation Portable
With this podcast, you can turn your mp3 player into a Praystation Portable. When you subscribe, you will receive daily prayers from the Catholic Liturgy of the Hours.
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verbum-100pxVerbum Domini
Daily Scripture Readings of the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar.
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Secrets of…

hobbit100pxSecrets of The Hobbit
The Secrets of The Hobbit explores the myths, legends and themes in The Hobbit and in Peter Jackson’s movies based on the story by J.R.R. Tolkien.
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doctorwho100pxSecrets of Doctor Who
A Doctor Who fan podcast in which we analyze the themes, stories and symbolism of the BBC TV Series ‘Doctor Who’.
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starwars100pxSecrets of Star Wars
Dom Bettinelli and Fr. Roderick talk about the new Star Wars movies.
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