PXP003: Blizzard’s Overwatch – First Impressions

PXP003: Blizzard’s Overwatch – First Impressions

Erwin Vogelaar and Fr. Roderick discuss the following games:

  • Alien – Isolation; Aliens vs Predator
  • Uncharted: Drake’s fortune
  • Overwatch (Blizzard)
  • The Talos Principle
  • Videogames – the Movie;
  • Xcom: Enemy Unknown

Dutch gamejournalist Erwin Vogelaar from www.gamebites.nl recently defended his masters thesis in religious studies on the topic of religious rituals in World of Warcraft (link: http://textbird.nl/)

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  1. Rob van Zoest

    Thanks for the updates from Blizzard. I haven’t checked upon it yet. I am awaiting the new expansion for World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor which has a big impact on the game. The game graphics have dramatically been improved but stats also so people are a bit annoyed with that but pleased with the graphics 🙂

  2. Kevin

    Thanks for the episode Fr. Roderick/ Erwin!

    Uncharted: Great series. Fr. Roderick, I’m sure you will enjoy the series.

    Xcom: I can vouch for this game. Great strategy game with an interesting story.

    I saw The Talos principle beta on steam. After hearing your guys’ review, I’ll give it a shot. It sounds very interesting.

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