PXP013: E3, Steam Summer Sale and LEGO Dimensions

PXP013: E3, Steam Summer Sale and LEGO Dimensions

In this episode we review or discuss the following games:

Plus, the new version of the Oculus Rift, E3 speculation: will The Last Guardian finally come to light?

Dutch gamejournalist Erwin Vogelaar from www.gamebites.nl is also the host of The Life We Play podcast.

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  1. C4 Pre Workout Review

    Can’t wait for this game, even though it’s so far away. Got the first DD on the kindle when it was free (I’m a serial game player and dropper) and realized it sucks on a touch screen but found out it was on xbox arcade. Bought it and never looked back. I convinced my brothers to play too.

    DD2 looks like such a great upgrade from the first!! We played that game just a little too much but unfortunately once we beat it and had ridiculous gear it lost its excitement. The addition of the MOBA to this one will be spectacular that I can barely wait for the game to come out (PS WHEN?!?!). plus the 24 characters… I can’t wait to see more

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