GWK059: Back to the Future

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In this episode:

  • Are you the average Star Wars: The Force Awakens fan?
  • Vatican’s Chief Astronomer Says You Can’t Divide the Universe Into “Kirk and Spock”
  • What Needs To Change About Female Superheroes, According To Olivia Wilde
  • Nasa’s largest photo ever taken
  • The Back to the Future marathon
  • How I accelerated my old iMac 2008 with an SSD
  • Frightgeist with Google – which Halloween costumes are most popular?

Links from this episode:

Photo Credit: riyagi/ Flickr CC BY 2.0


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  1. Rick Angelini

    There’s been some references made to a *new* youtube channel – but I can’t seem to find it – I’ve not been able to find the latest Star Wars trailer reaction video.

    Also, how do I get access to the Patreon content? I’ve been a patron for a few months, but I never saw any instructions or links to get the the exclusive Vimeo content.


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