GWK061: The Expanse

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In this episode:

  • Google Star Wars Easter Egg; Upheaval about Peter Jackson’s remarks about filming the Hobbit [1:00]
  • Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space; NASA says more than 500,000 pieces of space debris are orbiting Earth, with bits of space junk falling to Earth every year. [6:30]
  • First trailer Cpt America Civil War; Jessica Jones first impressions; Supergirl; Fantastic Four sequel pulled from Fox’s release schedule. Legends of Tomorrow Jan 21, new trailer; Humble Bundle books: X-files comics; select SQPN as your charity; Drawing on the iPad Pro [17:00]
  • Models and miniatures of Blade Runner photos. [31:00]
  • Black Mirror review; The Expanse [36:30]
  • Homido VR full review; Google to launch ‘Star Wars’ virtual reality experience on Cardboard; Google almost made an actual ‘Star Trek’ communicator badge [47:00]


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