BFR995: Popcorn and Aliens

BFR995: Popcorn and Aliens

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In this episode:

  • World: Visiting Poland this week for WYD!
  • Movies/TV: Independence Day Resurgence and Star Trek Beyond reviews. Plus, Star Trek coming to Netflix: and Adam Nimoy’s documentary ‘For the love of Spock’.
  • Peculiar Bunch: How can you find trust in God? You can find the long version in episode 144 of ‘The Walk’.
  • Tech/Books/Games: Favorite apps: Facebook, TweetBot, Instagram, IFTTT, SnapChat, PocketCasts, Google Maps, Evernote, TuneIn Radio, Gmail, Slack, Youtube + YT studio, MyFitnessPal, LastPass, iMovie, Outlook, Google Calendar, Snapseed, Blinkist.



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