So I just wanted to thank you for such awesome podcasts. I first discovered your podcast with Secrets of Middle-earth. Being a huge Tolkien fan, I was hooked. Now I have stumbled upon ‘How to live like a Hobbit’. I am finishing up the 2nd episode. I only see 4 , I really hope that you make more on this subject. There is so much wisdom in the words of Tolkien. And just relationship of these characters to us and how God made us to live. And our relationship with God and Nature. Though i am not Catholic but a Christian , i really relate to your take on things. I was raised in church and my parents taught me the importance of my personal relationship with God, there isn’t a morning that i can remember that my parents didn’t start their day with reading their bibles! Now with a family of my own , 6 kids, that is my goal to do that too. My Faith is everything to me and i really like how you make everything you talk about, whether it be Middle-earth or star wars, point back to Jesus. Because that is the reality of this life , everything points us back to the Creator! Well keep up the good work and God Bless! Andy

Hello from a fellow Dutchie! I just made a donation and since I couldn’t leave a message there, I figured I’d let you know here how much I (a not-so-Catholic-anymore 🙂 ) appreciate your podcasts. I don’t always agree, but enjoy how you make me see other points of view now and then. So thank you! Linda

“Its like radio, but more relaxed” Father Roderick, BFR 999
That really captures it. Myself, my wife Maria, and my daughter Lauren have become fans of Father Roderick and his calm and inspiring ways. We have been blessed to meet him twice in person so far and look forward to spending time with him again. We look forward to every show and internet posting, and through him we have found a wealth of other programming that relates to us. Don’t tell Pat Gohn (Among Women) or Captain Jeff (The solo show of “The Catholic Pilot) that we leave their podcasts playing to soothe the dog when we all have to go out without him. God Bless, Larry, Maria, and Lauren

I was reading this article from the National Catholic Register this morning, and it mentioned your video game podcast and YouTube channel. I’m an avid gamer and Catholic nerd myself, so I clicked the link. I immediately recognized you from your reaction video to the Force Awakens trailer and was very excited to discover just how much media you are putting on the internet about all the nerdy things I love (I especially love Tolkien, so I am very excited to listen to your podcasts on those topics). I would like to say thank you for being the Geek Priest, especially since much of the nerdy media out there these days is not exactly friendly towards Christians sometimes. Again, thank you for being such a great resource for all things Catholic and nerdy. — Logan

I love your two podcast “Secrets of the Hobbit” and “Secrets of Middle-Earth”. When I first heard that it was a catholic podcast i was, to be honest, a little skeptic, i feared that it was going to be very preachy. But I think you bring up the subject of religion in a good way, not making it to preachy. The first time I listened to you I became confused because it really sounded like you were there in Middle-earth, not just through the game but like you actually were there. You make the podcast interesting for everyone, not just Catholics. — Tobias

Just discovered your podcasts -specially enjoy The Walk and looking foreword to reading your book that I purchased from Kindle. Warm regards — Annmarie

I started following you earlier this year and I’d like to say THANK YOU. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the cares of this world due to some of the things I have been exposed to when i came across your videos and podcasts. Up until that moment, life was beginning to lead me near a wavering point in my faith. My profession (police officer) brings me into some of the worst situations and frankly unless we give over to God and find outlets….this job can be so depressing. In this vein, your channel(s) on YouTube and podcasts have opened my heart. Realizing again that God is always there and waiting for a relationship on a moments notice. Spiritually, you have helped me re-commit and (yes “and”) find a new outlet. — Timothy

I had some fear going back to church because I hadn’t been in a church since I was 7. I didn’t know anything about Catholicism. I can quote any “Star Wars canon” to you in great depth but when it came to Catholicism I was lost. So I looked up podcasts to help me and found yours. I have been listening for 3 years. It has helped me in ways I cannot explain! Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to your podcast every week. We have been going to church for 3 years now and enrolled in a RCIA class. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  — Victor

The Break (and The Walk) have been transformational for me. Since discovering them just over a year ago, I’ve found a source of inspiration and encouragement that was lacking in my spiritual life. As someone who can relate to your journey on a very personal level, I have been encouraged and filled with the spirit to levels I could not have done alone. I am continuing to be a better person, my relationships continue to be better and most of all I am doing more of the work God intended for me thanks to you. Congratulations on 1,000 episodes! — Rob


Hello Fr. Roderick. I’m Cristiano, the listener from Tuscany (Italy). It’s been a very long time since my last message. Congratulations on episode one thousand! It’s truly an amazing achievement. I’ve started to listen to ‘The Daily Breakfast’ around the time of your first visit to New Zealand. After all these years, I like to think of you as a friend, even if we’ve never met. Good Luck on your next 1000 episodes! Keep up the great work. All the Best, Cristiano


Hello Fr., I’ve written a blog article over at Patheos on what The Break has meant to me; to say Thank You and congrats. Blessings, Keith Albert.


Father Roderick! I can’t believe you’re hitting 1000 episodes! So so so many years ago, in that infamous April Fool’s prank, I was one of the suckers that wrote to you for appeal to your bishop. LOL! A lot has passed since then! Congratulations on your steadfast dedication to evangelization through entertainment. It is changing lives. It certainly changed mine. Thank you! Love, Maria


Has it been 1000 episodes already? How wonderful. And what an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations, Father Roderick. We thank you for your dedication to SQPN and especially for the role your podcasts played in bringing us together. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. Love, Mike and Denyse


Fr. Roderick, Congratulations on 1000 Break(fast)s. I don’t have a specific quote or episode the point to, but I have been listening since the Catholic Insider days and the Daily Breakfast in 2005. Popular media, at best ignores religion and at worst ridicules it and back before 2005 it was very hard to get any kind of Catholic friendly entertainment. SQPN is wonderful, and has let me spend my leisure and commuting time listening in a Catholic environment and avoiding the nonsense on mainstream radio for the past 11 years. Plus I almost learned to speak Dutch. God bless you for doing this and thank you for your Priesthood. Regards, Louis.


On the darkest days, which I happened to have many in a recent year, You have been like a guardian angel to me, whispering truly heartwarming things in my ears. Those words always reminded me, that the blue lightsaber is stronger than the red one. Keep doing what You do and congratulations on #1000! Best of luck and God bless You. All the way from the windy Lithuania, your listener Martynas.


Dear father Roderick, Of course I have a minute or two to give a little feedback. I’ve listened to your program for many years now, I can even remember the transition, when we had to adjust to your new weekly schedule! Over the years you’ve been an inspiration on many levels. I’ve read many of the books you recommended, tried many of the ( productivity) apps. Realized that a healthy lifestyle is important and that it does incorporate faith as well. I haven’t been raised in a particular religion but always read the bible on a regular basis. The alpha app which helps you read through the bible in one year is very valuable to me, I’m grateful that you mentioned it. The collection of Bernadette’s Letters has a cherished place on my bookshelf. When people ask me where I get my geeky app or tech news, they never believe the answer! One day I plan to walk to Santiago de compostella as well, maybe you’re right and I should actively plan for it instead of waiting for a suitable time. So who knows, maybe I’ll follow you in that as well! To hear about your worldly struggles with time and culture and what have you, yet always ending on a hopeful upbeat note of faith is a tremendous inspiration. So thank you, once more, for your work and best wishes! — Jessica


Congratulations Father Roderick and thank you for your podcasts! There are so many memorable moments from The Break and I have only been listening about 2 or 3 years. Although I enjoy all of the topics that you discuss, I always find The Peculiar Bunch to be my favorite segment. Have you seen this article on Patheos about the impact of The Break on one man’s life (also read the comment)? One day, about a year and a half ago on The Walk you were down in the dumps because (I seem to remember) your bishops were not on board with Trideo and as you were running you were wondering, “what is going on here?” You were praying for God to give you a sign if you should continue what you were trying to achieve. Then a man rode by on a bike and said out of the blue, “Keep going!” (I hope I am remembering it correctly). And recently on The Break and The Walk you have talked about faith and how back then everything was going wrong and you did not know how things were going to get better, but you had faith. You trusted that God was working out his will and you were willing to do whatever He wanted you to do. And now things are better than you had imagined. You found all of these great people to help you and had so many new ideas and ways to expand. Well, listening to this has helped my faith because I am where you were back then and I am learning to trust that God has a plan and will see me though even though it looks like everything is falling apart. I need and I am sure everyone else needs that encouragement. So, THANK YOU! With Love, Your Faithful Podcast Listener M.C.


Congratulations on Episode 1000! You have been a constant companion in my ear for many years – I usually listen to the Break (or the Walk) while I’m exercising – either at the gym or walking outside when the weather cooperates. We’ve only met once in real life, yet I consider you a friend and look forward to hearing from you every week! I’ve gained so much from our one-sided relationship. Your technology tips & movie/television reviews – we apparently have very similar likes and interests. Your thoughts on faith and theology always provide me with new insights as I struggle and stumble with my faith. One thing that you talked about in a podcast several years ago stuck with me. You answered the question about “Do dogs and cats go to heaven?” Your response was thoughtful and beautiful. To paraphrase, you said something like “Why would God give us dogs and cats to provide us such joy and companionship in life if he didn’t intend to extend that joy throughout eternity in heaven.” It’s really a beautiful description. I believe that you also said something like “Dogs and cats don’t have souls, but they provide us with joy. Eternal life in heaven reunites us with those who gave us joy during our lifetime, and why wouldn’t that include our pets?” I’ve used this description many times when my friends have lost a pet, and I believe that your words provided them with much comfort at their time of loss. May God continue to bless you and unique ministry. I look forward to many more years of our one-sided relationship and hope to again visit you in Amersfoort as we are already considering planning another trip – this time in the summer when the weather is hopefully more cooperative! Congratulations! — Rick


Dear Fr. Roderick, I can’t put into words what your podcasts mean to me. I have spent the last year enjoying them, and now once I listen to each week’s podcast, I dive into the archives and listen the fun and wisdom you share from past episodes of the Break (and The Walk). I’ve come to feel like you are my personal friend, mentor, spiritual director, and life coach all rolled into one! Your advice is always spot-on, and comes from a place of such sincerity and faithful wisdom. I often forget that you don’t actually know me, and that our weekly meetings, that are so enjoyable and gratifying to me, are just one-sided! You are a light in my week. I listen to your podcasts while doing dull things at work or around my house, and I am cheered and encouraged. I’ll put them on when I want to hear a kind and happy voice, and my spirit is buoyed. Your episode about living like a Hobbit resonated with me so much, that I still think about it often, and have listened to it several times! I am really trying to apply your message to my life now that my husband and I are moving and need to downsize our lives. We need to buy new, smaller furniture soon and I always think, “Don’t forget your rocking chair!” because your story about wanting a comfy rocking chair (and what that means for your quality of life) so parallels what my soul deeply wants and needs, and I think what many people want and need. With that podcast, you gave us all permission to prioritize creating personal experiences for ourselves that are small by their very nature, but huge in their effect on our quality of life. What a gift! Your loving manner, you kind spirit, your bubbly personality and your infectious enthusiasm are extremely endearing, and I hold such love and gratitude for you in my heart. Thank you so much for using The Force (of love!) to draw people from The Dark Side to the light— whether the light is very serious spiritual soul-searching, or a simple encouragement to continue their exercising! I wish we could be in-real-life friends, but I’m pretty lucky to get several doses of Fr. Roderick each week as it is. Thank you, Father! With love from San Francisco, California, Vanessa.


Congratulations on your 1000th episode and your upcoming 20 year anniversary of priesthood! I am a nuclear engineering graduate student in Madison Wisconsin and I have been listening to your shows for a little over a year now. Your joy and excitement about life have helped me to have to become more appreciative of the little joys of life (be it a good beer, a fun game, or time with friends). So, thank you for the laughs, discussions of nerdy things, and the witness to the faith. I hope you can go on the Camino. I went before WYD in Madrid and the experience was amazing. Best of luck and know you are in my prayers, Tom Dobbins.


Hey Father, My favorite specific moments of the past 999 were the times when you shared your frustration with failure, with regard to funding and approval from your superiors. It was heartening to me to hear you express your frustration (and maybe even some anger in spite of Yoda’s warning about where that leads) — YET, you always came out of it with renewed enthusiasm and purpose. You never let the setbacks keep you down. And THAT has been inspiring to me. I’ve been listening since the earliest Catholic Insiders were mentioned by Adam Curry and you took us through St. Peter’s after the death of Pope John Paul II. Since I sent you a postcard for #100 (cherry blossoms in Washington DC — drop a note if you’re ever in town), I had to write you again. Thanks for being there for me, week after week. — Tim


Hello Father Roderick, I am Michael from Ludwigshafen, Germany and I am listening to the Daily Breakfast / The Break since April 2005. For me most memorable were your podcast before and after the conclave 2005, your vocation story and your audio from the christmas church service in your hometown some years ago. Please continue your work, it is inspiring and a great entertainment.


Father — see below. Congratulations on 1000! God Bless! — Keith


Dear Father Roderick, I stumbled upon your podcast a few years ago when I was looking for a new podcast to listen to and I’ve been hooked since. The biggest take away and what has affected me the most while listening to your podcast is your passion to spread the word of God using new, out of the box mediums and ideas. I pray for you constantly that you continue to break down barriers to continue to reach and inspire people regardless if they’re Catholic or not. I understand the Church can be perceived as old, boring, and forceful, but you bring so much positivity and energy that I deeply believe in my heart that this is your vocation and you will continue to grow our community. While this isn’t “The Walk”, your episode of the walk about the Bishops stopping your funding is the moment that sticks with me the most. I wrote to you a few years ago saying to please never give up and that your story inspires me to work harder everyday so I can help you financially fulfill your dreams and help you spread the word of God using Star Wars, movies, and video games. I want you to know that I still pray for your success every day. As a younger listener and Catholic, I will continue to say thank you for your work and “help us Father Roder wan kanobi, you’re our only hope” Warmest Regards, Johann.


Fr. Roderick: 11 years ago I found the “Sound Scenes” that you recoded in Rome during the end of St. Pope JP II’s life in this world. You got my attention with those awesome recordings. And you have continued to entertain, educate and enlighten me ever since. Thank you so very much. It has been a great privilege to call you friend. — Steve


Father Roderick, It was an absolute pleasure getting to meet you in person this summer. Thank you for all you do in your vocation! The Daily Breakfast came to my search results when I was looking for a ‘positive’ news podcast. It immediately became my podcast of choice. You have always done such an amazing job and I think most importantly stayed true to yourself. Your willingness to put yourself out there for everyone made it so easy for all your audience to become your friend, even if we had never met you. Your work continues to inspire so many in faith and life (and even to start their own podcasts). I look forward to the next 1000 episodes 🙂 Your friend, Mark.


Hello Fr. Roderick, Thanks for ALL the wonderful podcasts and congratulations on the 1000th episode to come! 1) I’m not babtised, and I have my own belief in Cosmos and wrote a book about it (in danish) 10 years ago – translated its title would be something like ‘Movement in beingness’. I tell you this to let you know, that I am quite far from being a Christian, although I share the majority of my values with Christianity. However, I went to church this Sunday, and that is something I never would have thought of doing, if your positive view of the world as a Christian, hadn’t influenced me these last years. I’m not doing it every Sunday from now on, but I might do it now and again, so thanks for the inspiration to do that. 2) In general you have a lot of soul searching discussions, and many of them I have had with myself, but they are nice to be reminded of. However, there are two specific points, which have directly impacted me: a) I try to avoid salt and is now aware of how much salt the food around me actually contains. b) I’m trying – like you- to be better at not collecting and saving things I don’t need (anymore). It is hard to let go, but I try to mentally change myself in that direction. 3) You have many good points in your reviews, but the note you made about Star Wars VII, comparing Finns escape from the First Order – by cutting the cable that held the Tie Fighter back – to Finns birth; by being given a name – and symbolically cutting the umbilical cord – that was truely inspired! Brilliant! Oh, and thanks for taking me to Scotland this summer through your youtube videos – what an amazing journey! Good luck with getting to walk the Kamino! Kind regards, Frederik.


Dear Father Roderick, I wanted to write to say thank you after listening to The Break number 999. I’ve been listening for about two and a half years now, and appreciate your insights, book and movie recommendations, and the joy you seem to exude in living out your calling and sharing it so publicly. I’m at a point now where I’m discerning the priesthood as a second career after a significant life change, and having your podcast has played a part in rekindling the desire to answer the call. I’ll be attending weekly formation sessions starting next week in the house of discernment in the diocese of Albany, NY. I would appreciate your prayers as I continue my formation, and be assured my prayers are with you as you share your faith through your life and work. Your brother in Christ, Russ.


Sehr verehrter Pastor Vonhögen, in Kenntnis der Fremdsprachkompetenz der Niederländer im allgemeinen und der Ihrigen im besonderen erlaube ich mir, Ihnen diese Mail zur 1000. Ausgabe von “The Break!” in Deutsch zu schreiben. Ich höre Ihre Podcasts schon seit der Zeit, als Sie noch als “Catholic Insider” Reportagen aus dem Innenleben von Radio Vatikan brachten. (Nebenbei: Wir wussten Sie schon, dass Radio Vatikan zum Ende des Jahres
dicht macht, um tags drauf in einer neuen gemeinschaftlichen Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft erneut auf Sendung zu gehen? Quelle: http://www.siciliamedia.it/31-dicembre-chiude-radio-vaticana-rinascere-radio-televisione-vaticana-unico-polo-inglobera-anche-ctv/ ) Über die Jahre durfte ich der Entwicklung Ihres Podcasts beiwohnen: So habe ich täglich “The Daily Break” gehört, durfte Telefonaten Ihrer Hörer folgen und mich an Pod-Songs erfreuen. Auch wenn unsere Geschmäcker hinsichtlich Film-Genres erheblich differieren, ich den PC kaum für Spiele nutze und ich US-amerikanischen Fernsehserien kaum etwas abgewinnen kann, waren mir Ihr Podcast über die Jahre immer ein treuer Begleiter und Ihre Auslegungen über katholisches
Leben und katholischen Leben stets ein Quelle der Inspiration. Vieles, was sie gepredigt haben, hat meinen Glauben gestärkt und dafür möchte ich Ihnen anläßlich der 1000. Sendung danken. Möge Ihr Schaffen noch reiche Früchte tragen! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Hans-Friedrich.


Congratulations Father Roderick on 1000 podcasts! It is a great way to reach people in this day & age & that is important. You do a really great job of blending humor, common sense, various themes,& religion-I enjoy your podcasts very much! Thanks again for taking the time to show us around Amersfoort. It was a great day in a beautiful city and we all appreciated your knowledge& humor. I will practice my biking before my next trip to The Netherlands! ( i was the ungainly blonde in the group w Mary. ) Best Regards, Hilaire.


Beste Roderick, Allereerst van harte gefeliciteerd met de DUIZENDSTE !!!! aflevering van The Break.
Wat een ongelofelijk aantal. Zelf ben ik inmiddels een aantal jaar consequent luisteraar van zowel The Break als The Walk, en met bijzonder veel plezier. Ik ben begonnen met luisteren tijdens mijn marathontrainingen. Via andere podcasts kwam ik uit bij Cliff Ravenscraft en daar hoorde ik van het bestaan van jouw podcasts. Ook na de marathon bleef ik luisteren, meestal tijdens mijn zondagochtend hardlooprondje, maar dat is niet lang genoeg voor twee podcastafleveringen per week. Het is voor mij verbazingwekkend hoeveel wij gemeen hebben. Ik ben vier maanden ouder dan jij, katholiek opgevoed, opgegroeid in de jaren 70 en 80, met dezelfde voorkeur voor de jaren 80. Ik heb sinds 2007 vijf marathons gelopen. Ik heb de afgelopen twee jaar geworsteld met een dreigende burnout. Dus heel veel van wat jij bespreekt in jouw podcasts lijkt wel over mijzelf te gaan.

Het geloof heeft in het verleden best een belangrijke rol in mijn leven gespeeld, maar ik ben er op een gegeven moment van “weggedreven”. De gebeurtenissen in de katholieke kerk en met name de manier waarop daar vanuit de top op werd gereageerd heeft ertoe geleid dat ik het geloof bijna helemaal overboord heb gezet. Een aantal akkefietjes met onze plaatselijke pastoor hebben daar ook aan bijgedragen. En eerlijk gezegd vind ik het nog steeds vaak lastig aan te nemen dat een verhaal dat 1500 jaar of langer geleden is opgeschreven nu voor ons als een leidraad in het leven zou moeten gelden. Daar blijf ik dus nog wel even mee worstelen.

Maar jij hebt met jouw podcasts in ieder geval voor elkaar gekregen dat ik mij weer wat meer aangetrokken voel tot de kerk.

Een vriend, gepensioneerd theoloog en priester die op enig moment is getrouwd, wees mij op het boek “Geduld met God” van Tomas Halik. Die gebruikt het verhaal over Zaccheus in zijn boek. Volgens hem zijn er op dit moment heel veel Zaccheussen. Ik voel me eigenlijk ook wel een Zaccheus en jij hebt mij met jouw podcasts weer uit de boom gehaald.
(Ik heb hem als dank overigens een exemplaar van “Mediapriester” gegeven.)

Na het afronden van mijn studie in 1993 ben ik op de fiets naar Santiago gegaan. Die reis heeft grote indruk op mij gemaakt en ik heb mij toen voorgenomen dat ik het nog een keer te voet wil doen. Op enig moment heb ik gezegd dat ik dat voor mijn vijftigste verjaardag zou willen doen. De tijd begint dus te dringen…
Vorige maand heb ik samen met mijn dochter van 17 een stuk van de camino frances gelopen. Wat een fantastische ervaring. En zeker om zoiets met mijn dochter te kunnen doen.
Vooralsnog is de planning om volgend jaar in augustus te gaan lopen. Ik start dan thuis in Sint-Michielsgestel en hoop eind oktober in Santiago aan te komen.
Ik was dus blij verrast toen ik hoorde dat jij dat volgend jaar ook wil gaan doen (zij het iets korter). Weer een overeenkomst!!

Beste Roderick, op het moment dat ik dit schrijf zit jij in Rome om de duizendste aflevering op te gaan nemen. Dank voor die vele uren luisterplezier en inspiratie en heel veel plezier en inspiratie gewenst met de volgende 1000 afleveringen.

Ik blijf luisteren!

Veel groeten en God bless!



Hi, Fr. Roderick, I had been meaning to send you feedback for Episode 1000, but didn’t have the chance to do so until now. Congratulations on reaching 1000 episodes! It is truly a testament to your longevity in this medium that you reached such a milestone.

As you know, I discovered you and SQPN through the Secrets of Harry Potter podcast. I was honoured when you had asked me to join the panel with you. You and SQPN have had a big impact on my faith life. I’ll admit that I was one of those fallen away Catholics, having stopped going to church altogether whilst I was in college. I started coming back during the tail end of my graduate studies in Worcester, Massachusetts, and living across the street from a church, and having nuns as my next door neighbours kind of helped. 😉 My return was really lukewarm, but after having discovered you late (maybe around 2008 or so), I was inspired by you and your example, and my faith life became stronger.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, both joyful and sorrowful, and for being a wonderful example for not just Catholics, but for everyone.

Blessings be unto you for your ministry! 



Dear Fr. Roderick, Many years ago, my family and I were on vacation in Pensacola, Florida. Having been through a particularly difficult year with work, children, faith — well, LIFE in general — I dedicated that vacation to reconnecting with my faith. I downloaded “Breakfast with Fr. Roderick” to occupy me on one of our activities — blueberry picking. While we pick blueberries, we usually enjoy the peace of the outdoors and the experience of picking. It is also a time when each of us enjoys some alone time. I chose to spend that time with several episodes of your podcast.

I have been a faithful listener ever since. (I believe the current episode at the time was around #115-#120). These are the aspects of my Catholic faith that have been directly impacted by being a subscriber:
– I love and respect the work of our priests so much more
– Because I’m not very good with words, I try hard to make my faith show by my actions and by the way I use my talents.
– I have a much better understanding of how God affects our lives every day in big and small ways
– I forgive myself for being a “work-in-progress” when I’m not making good choices (and, of course, I try to LEARN from those mistakes)

Maybe I don’t have a huge, life-altering story, but the gifts I have received from being a listener are quite precious to me. Just having your words in my heart and soul really shows me how God can use all of us to be His instruments.

Best wishes on 1000 more shows! Please pray for my family and the ministries we serve each day just as we pray for yours.

Dear Father Roderick,

Congratulations on 1000 episodes of the Break and its predecessors. I think I discovered your podcast in 2010 together with The Catholic Guy Show’s Podcast and have not missed a single episode since then. When my mother comes for a visit and hears me listening to podcasts, she always asks if I am listening to the Dutch priest. I love listening to The Break and The Walk. Thank you very much for entertaining, inspiring, and helping me grow in my Catholic faith. I hope we will meet one day in person.

God bless!

Best regards,
Jens from Stuttgart, Germany (the guy that sent you the book about Bernhard


Father, I just listened to Episode 999 where you asked for listener feedback. I have been listening to your podcast for at least 8-9 years (I know this since I can remember when you turned 40) so I must be one of your longer term listeners.

The Catholic Insider was the very first podcast that I ever subscribed to. I was probably drawn to the logo and listened to an episode out of pure curiosity, but I was quickly hooked. Here was a youthful engaging personality who was interested in the same things that I was. This was not my experience with other Catholic priests. I was raised Catholic but at the time I was attending Protestant churches with my wife and children, who were raised Protestant. My wife is a committed Christian but could never get past her biases and connect with Catholicism. I on the other hand could tolerate her church services, so that is where I went. I gained a great deal of respect for Protestantism during those years and used to tell people that “Catholics have the better theology, but Protestants have better Sunday service.”

Your podcast very literally led me back to the Catholic Church.

I can’t point to a specific quote or episode but I think the consistency of your message, the constancy of your updates and the genuineness that you bring to every episode steadily bored their way into my soul. Now I unfailingly attend Mass on Saturday evening, and often join my wife on Sunday at whichever Protestant church she is attending at the moment (she is always looking for a church with better worship music or a better preacher; I think that is pretty common among Protestants). So I get the best of both worlds. I now think of myself as a “born again Catholic”.

I can hardly believe it has been so many years since I listened to that first podcast. Your podcasts have changed my life, and for the better. I do contribute regularly to SQPN, but I’m pretty sure that I have gotten more back than I have put in.

All the best, Paul 


Hi Fr Roderick

It’s great to see The Break about to have it’s first millennium. From Catholic Insider, through the Daily Breakfast Show and now The Break ; it’s always been for me a great example of the new evangelization. It’s a show that has a wide appeal; not just for Catholics but for all interested in the new media: or in fact, any media at all. Along the way it has dispensed some good Catholic teaching in a gentle way. Here’s to it’s next millennium. As ever, lang may all your lums reek! — Jim.


Hi Fr. Roderick,

Good Day! Greetings from the Philippines! First of all, I would like to congratulate you for The Break 1000th Episode! Wow! I’ve been listening to your podcasts (The Break, The Walk), and it really helps me alot especially in the morning and even when working. I work as a web developer/programmer and listening to your podcasts just boosts my brain cells. Haha.. Thank you very much for bringing to us a great way to start or end our day with music, Daily Reflection, inspiration, tips. Also, I really enjoyed the reviews you made regarding movies/tv series, apps, games, and techie stuff.

I love these The Break episodes:
-BFR973: Stay Calm and Eat Pea Soup
-BFR964: Inside Out, Chef, Funny Food, Fr. Barron and the Dolphin browser
-BFR990: Brute Force Attacks: especially on the `decluttering attempt` part.

It really is like repairing the damage, reorganizing life, and not neglecting the rest of our life (those what needs to be done). It really helps having plan of action, and keeping stuff in box/drawers is one of great ways of organizing. I like that the toilet paper rolls can be really great cord/cables organizers.

Tips: Also, you can put labels on box/drawers so you could easily remember where to find stuff. From becomingminimimalist.com, I’ve read that there’s a creative way to declutter home, one way is the “The Four-Box Method” – a technique that as you declutter an area such as in your home, you bring four boxes to place: trash, give away, keep, or relocate. Each item in every room was placed into one of the four categories. No item was passed over. Each was considered individually.

Also, I am now keeping my email/gmail account decluttered, such that until it shows “Congratulations! You’ve read all the important messages in your inbox.” Hahaha.. I admit I had thousands of unread emails before, and I gave it a time and declutter them. I tried checking on them for weeks (and now, it thus feels great that you’re seeing new emails without hard time searching/filtering them)

Aside from The Break, I also love these The Walk episodes:
-WLK091: The Art of Being Friendly
-WLK117: Unlucky Stars
-WLK146: Less is More
-WLK145: Changing People
-WLK124: My Ideal Week

Again, congratulations to you Fr. Roderick!
May God Bless you always.

Thank you,
Kathleen Jane


Father, I have been a listener since the Secrets of Harry Potter and the Daily Breakfast days (well over 10 years)! I was able to meet you in Austin sometime in 2007 and got to eat a barbecue dinner with you after mass.

I was born Catholic but am only an occasional attendee of mass, your shows have kept me close to my faith and kept me engaged. I’m only a consumer, I never contribute to the social part of the shows but I will always be a listener.

The show I remember the most and the one that really made an impression on me was the story of your grandparents, and how they met and all the circumstances of that. It was such a great illustration that we do not know God’s plan for us, even when things look bad, great things can await us and we must trust God.

And the one show that made me sad/angry was the April Fools in 2005 or 2006 when you said you were going to be forced to quit podcasting by your bishop. I was so upset, and then a little angry when it was revealed to be all a joke but I quickly forgave you. =) — Kent.