Sometimes one of our shows has to take a break, has fulfilled its mission, or the hosts are unable to continue. That doesn’t mean the shows have lost their value! Here are some of the StarQuest shows that have ended their run or on an indefinite hiatus.

On Hiatus

Let’s Talk Live Daily
The StarQuest community podcast, Let’s Talk, will be coming back during the current crisis on a daily basis as both a live video show on our Facebook page and an audio podcast. Join us each day about 10:30am ET (unless announced otherwise) for conversation, connection, and ideas for how to spend all our newfound free-time.
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StarQuest Headlines
Get the latest geek, pop, and Catholic culture headlines in just a few minutes every week.
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American Catholic

Tom and Noelle Crowe find the hidden gems and compelling stories of Catholic Americans who have contributed to their nation by virtue of their faith over the past three centuries. You can now find the show at its new web site at

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Secrets of Disney
Get an insider’s view of the Disney theme parks, resorts, and cruises along with related media, all from lifelong fans and former cast members who want to help your family enjoy all there is on offer.
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The Pilgrim Life
Deborah Schaben and Sandy Garayzar are veteran pilgrims who discuss not only the pilgrimages they have taken and will take throughout North America and Europe, but also the ways in which we can live the pilgrim life without leaving our hometowns. They’re finding the sacred in everyday life.
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How To Live Like a Hobbit
A simple life, surrounded by nature, filled with friendly encounters, good food, afternoon tea and evening parties under a starry sky: who wouldn’t want to trade their busy, noisy and stressful world for a life in the Shire?
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The Secrets of The Hobbit
The Secrets of the Hobbit explores the myths, legends and themes in The Hobbit and Peter Jackson’s
movies based on the story by J.R.R. Tolkien.
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The Secrets of Harry Potter
A detailed analysis of all the books and movies. Hosts: Br. Giles, Fr. Roderick, Jim Beeghly, Lyn Francisco, Ariadna Quijano and Denise Roper.
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The Secrets of Angels and Demons
Follow Fr. Roderick Vonhogen on a journey through the city of Rome in a quest to uncover the Secrets of Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons”.
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The Secrets of Battlestar Galactica
What is the deeper meaning of ‘All this has happened before and will happen again‘? Jeff and Zina Liss dig into the hidden layers of the SciFi Channel’s four seasons of Battlestar Galactica.
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