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A podcast that delves into movies and TV shows, both new and classic, looking at them from a fan’s perspective and going beyond the surface to the hidden layers and deeper meanings.

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Recent Episodes

The Secrets of Dune (1984) - As we await the now-delayed new Dune movie, Thomas, Andrew, and Jack discuss the infamous 1984 David Lynch version, including what could have been, why some younger fans have a new appreciation for the nearly 40-year-old movie, and how a movie should approach adapting this book.
An Important Update from StarQuest’s Dom Bettinelli - An important thank you message and update from StarQuest's Dom Bettinelli.
The Future of Movie-Watching - For years, attendance at movie theaters has been dropping, but in 2020 COVID upended the whole movie business. Dom Bettinelli, Fr. Chip Hines, and Andrew Hermiz look at all the changes so far, what studios and theaters have tried, and then look forward to where movie watching could be going.
The Secrets of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - As the penultimate movie of the 6-episode dinosaur series, Fallen Kingdom introduces some new elements that Dom Bettinelli, Thomas Sanjurjo, and Fr. Michael Gossett think raise some new moral and ethical questions, especially in our use of new, advanced technologies.
Greyhound – Coffee and Cinema - Tom Hanks is captain of a WWII destroyer convoy escort in the North Atlantic, battling the U-boat wolf pack. Dom Bettinelli and Fr. Chip Hines give their first impressions of the Apple TV+ movie, including the surprising virtues and faith of Hanks' character and the compelling action.