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A podcast that delves into movies and TV shows, both new and classic, looking at them from a fan’s perspective and going beyond the surface to the hidden layers and deeper meanings.

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Recent Episodes

The Secrets of Dune (2021) - At last, the new Dune movie is out and Thomas Sanjurjo and Jack Baruzzini are here to discuss it, including how it measures up to previous screen adaptations, their favorite moments and themes, and what they expect in the future.
The Secrets of Marvel’s What If? - The possibilities are endless, as Andrew Hermiz and Mike Denz consider the Marvel series What If?, including what its wider ramifications for the rest of the MCU will be, plus their own "what if?" scenarios that they'd like to see.
The Secrets of Loki - The Marvel series Loki reimagines the Asgard god of mischief and Thomas Sanjurjo, Andrew Hermiz, and David Handlos discuss how the series brings up questions of identity and free will and the choices we make between good and evil.
The Secrets of Dune the Book - As fans await the long-delayed Dune movie, Thomas Sanjurjo, Jack Baruzzini, and Andrew Hermiz continue their Dune series by discussing the book that started it all, its grand scope and worldview, and the movies it inspired.
The Secrets of The Patriot - The Patriot is one of the only films set in the War of Independence. Dom Bettinelli, Fr. Chip Hines, and Mike Denz ask why that might be; discuss what they enjoy about the movie; discuss its historical innacuracies; and examine the themes of faith, family, loyalty, and patriotism.