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The Secrets of Star Wars is a fan podcast all about everything to do with Star Wars, including all of the movies, TV shows, streaming series, books, comic books, fan culture and more. The show looks at both the new creations as they are released as well as the existing library of Star Wars, going beyond the surface to look at the deeper layers and themes, while never forgetting how cool lightsabers are. Join our rotating crew of Star Wars experts: Robert King, Thomas Salerno, Kathryn Laffrey, Ryan Nafziger, Jon Koral, Josh Beeghley, Patrick MasonFr. Andrew “Father Fett” KinstetterMike CreaveyAndrew HermizThomas Sanjurjo, and Angela Sealana for a celebration of all things Star Wars.

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  • The Acolyte – Choice

    The Acolyte – Choice

    What connects the overall Star Wars saga with The Acolyte’s long-anticipated “Choice”? Angela Sealana, Jon Koral, and Thomas Salerno reflect on new & classic characters’ intentions, pride, fear & manipulation as they review the episode.

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  • The Acolyte – Teach + Corrupt

    The Acolyte – Teach + Corrupt

    Teach/Corrupt: Love/hate? Thomas Salerno, Kathryn Laffrey, and Patrick Mason discuss their struggles with this series, while delving into its themes of corruption, manipulation, and the struggle of light v. dark.

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  • The Acolyte – Night

    The Acolyte – Night

    The Stranger appears! Robert King and Jon Koral discuss the latest episode of The Acolyte the shocking deaths; the brutality and nuanced portrayal of darkness in the Stranger; and evolving relationship between Osha and Mae.

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  • A Special Message from StarQuest

    A Special Message from StarQuest

    StarQuest CEO Dom Bettinelli has a special message for all listeners and supporters of StarQuest’s shows.

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  • The Acolyte – Day

    The Acolyte – Day

    Who is the Master? Who is the Acolyte? Robert King, Thomas Salerno, and Patrick Mason explore the character dynamics between the twin sisters; as well as themes of destiny, power, and corruption of institutions, with parallels from Arthurian legends.

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  • The Acolyte – Destiny

    The Acolyte – Destiny

    Flashback to Osha and Mae’s childhood in The Acolyte’s 3rd episode. Robert King, Thomas Salerno, and Jon Koral explore the spirituality of the Jedi versus the Witches of Brendok and the themes of community, individualism, and the Body of Christ.

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  • The Acolyte – Lost + Found, Revenge + Justice

    The Acolyte – Lost + Found, Revenge + Justice

    The Acolyte is here and Thomas Salerno, Angela Sealana, Robert King, and Mike Creavey dive into the first 2 episodes, praising the new characters, world-building and the show’s Star Wars feel and discuss the themes of faith, forgiveness, and justice.

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  • Virtue and Vice in Star Wars

    Virtue and Vice in Star Wars

    Explore virtue and vice in Star Wars with Angela Sealana, Andrew Hermiz, and Robert King, as they discuss characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, highlighting their roles in the battle between good and evil, and virtues embodied by figures like Chirrut Imwe, Cassian Andor,…

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  • The Top Ten Star Wars Characters

    The Top Ten Star Wars Characters

    Did your favorites make our Top 10 Star Wars Characters list? Join Mike Creavey, Angela Sealana & Thomas Salerno as they create their list in real-time with some surprising inclusions and omissions as well as some honorable mentions.

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  • The Bad Batch – Ep. 47: The Cavalry Has Arrived

    The Bad Batch – Ep. 47: The Cavalry Has Arrived

    The end! Thomas Salerno, Jon Koral, and Kathryn Laffrey discuss the series finale of the Bad Batch. Did it live up to expectations? What about loose. threads? They also discuss Hunter’s fatherly role, Crosshair’s redemption, and Omega’s maturity.

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  • The Bad Batch – Ep. 46: Flash Strike

    The Bad Batch – Ep. 46: Flash Strike

    The penultimate episode! Thomas Salerno, Kathryn Laffrey, and Jon Koral discuss this Bad Batch story setting the stage for the finale, including the hanging threads; the evolution of Echo; and questions about Emerie’s and Crosshair’s loyalty.

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  • The Bad Batch – Ep. 45: Into the Breach

    The Bad Batch – Ep. 45: Into the Breach

    Nearing the end. Robert King, Thomas Salerno, and Jon Koral discuss the ante-penultimate episode of The Bad Batch and discuss the child-warrior Omega, loss of innocence, and the complexity of her role in the story; possible redemption for villains; and the ethical complexity of Star…

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