The Secrets of Star Wars

The Secrets of Star Wars is a fan podcast all about everything to do with Star Wars, including all of the movies, TV shows, streaming series, books, comic books, fan culture and more. The show looks at both the new creations as they are released as well as the existing library of Star Wars, going beyond the surface to look at the deeper layers and themes, while never forgetting how cool lightsabers are. Join your host Fr. Andrew “Father Fett” Kinstetter as well as Mike Creavey, Andrew Hermiz, Thomas Sanjurjo, and Angela Sealana for a weekly celebration of all things Star Wars.

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Recent Episodes

May the Fourth LIVE 2022 - Despite Imperial jamming, Fr. Andrew, Angela, Thomas, and Mike, plus Andrew H from Galaxy's Edge, celebrated Star Wars Day with a YouTube live stream, including audience questions, show and tell, and discussion of the upcoming Kenobi series.
Motherhood in Star Wars - How did George Lucas' experience of motherhood influence his characters? Angela Sealana, Thomas Sanjurjo, and Fr. Andrew Kinstetter make an exploration of mother figures in Star Wars!
Enter the Star Wars Story, Part 3: A New Player - Our Star Wars RPG adventure continues as Fr. Andrew Kinstetter, Mike Creavey, Andrew Hermiz, and Thomas Sanjurjo are rejoined by Angela Sealana, who brings a new character to the story who will increase tensions while the crew is trying to get out of a tight spot. Also, they discuss why RPGs.
Fatherhood in Star Wars - Who are the good and bad fathers in Star Wars? Mike Creavey, Thomas Sanjurjo, and Fr. Andrew Kinstetter discuss the many fathers and father-figures in Star Wars and discuss the good and the bad, including some perhaps surprising examples.
Enter the Star Wars Story: Part 2, Playing an RPG - A Chiss, a Bothan, and a Sullustan walk into a cantina: Join Thomas Sanjurjo, Fr. Andrew Kinstetter, Mike Creavey, and Andrew Hermiz as they play a Star Wars roleplaying game, making up an original creative story involving Rebels, Imperials, and the usual derring-do, having a blast in the process.