The Secrets of Technology

Welcome to the Secrets of Technology from the Star Quest Production Network, your weekly look at the world of technology from a uniquely Catholic perspective. We’re not the usual tech news from New York or San Francisco. We’re creating conversations around technology topics that affect all of us, including social media, privacy, AI, the ubiquity of gadgets, parenting tech-savvy kids, and more.

Geek and gadget culture is mainstream in society at all age levels now more than ever. By exploring the intersection of faith and technology, we give you the tools to live your faith life and spirituality in harmony with the work of technology and media that you are immersed in.

But you don’t have to be Catholic or a believer to get something out of Secrets of Technology. Our regular panel will discuss the top tech stories, offer up technology tips and lessons, and give you our picks of the week for software, hardware, web sites, or information that will make you more productive, more entertained, more informed, and more secure. Join Domenico Bettinelli, Fr. Cory Sticha, Joanne Mercier, Jack Baruzzini, Thomas Sanjurjo, Fr. Andrew Kinstetter, Pat Scott, Fr. Joseph Sund, and Victor Lams every week.

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Recent Episodes

Subscriptions vs. Purchases - The old way of acquiring technology was through a straightforward purchase, but in recent years, subscriptions have become the norm. Dom Bettinelli, Fr. Cory Sticha, and Joanne Mercier discuss the pros and cons of each approach, as well as some tech subscriptions they deem worthwhile.
Google IO 2023 Highlights - Google's latest announcements of new hardware and software show where personal tech is going. However, Dom Bettinelli and Jack Baruzzini discuss the ethics and philosophy of how we use that technology in general. Plus, copyright's limitations on the internet and more.
Favorite Productivity Apps - To-do lists, calendars, contacts, notes, and knowledge manager apps are the backbone for our productivity. Dom Bettinelli, Pat Scott, and Fr. Joseph Sund discuss their favorite productivity apps in these categories, how they use them, and some other options as well.
Favorite Communications Apps - There are many ways to stay in touch these day. Dom Bettinelli, Fr. Joseph Sund, and Victor Lams discuss what's available for email, messaging, video calls, VOIP, and more and their favorites for each. Plus, the end of Netflix DVDs, Amazon warnings, and future Windows plans.
Tech for Your Finances - Whether you're single, a couple, or a big family, managing your finances can be tricky. Dom Bettinelli, Fr. Cory Sticha, and Joanne Mercier discuss personal finance software, including free and paid and desktop, mobile, and cloud options.

Picks of the Week