The Secrets of Technology

Welcome to the Secrets of Technology from the Star Quest Production Network, your weekly look at the world of technology from a uniquely Catholic perspective. We’re not the usual tech news from New York or San Francisco. We’re creating conversations around technology topics that affect all of us, including social media, privacy, AI, the ubiquity of gadgets, parenting tech-savvy kids, and more.

Geek and gadget culture is mainstream in society at all age levels now more than ever. By exploring the intersection of faith and technology, we give you the tools to live your faith life and spirituality in harmony with the work of technology and media that you are immersed in.

But you don’t have to be Catholic or a believer to get something out of Secrets of Technology. Our regular panel will discuss the top tech stories, offer up technology tips and lessons, and give you our picks of the week for software, hardware, web sites, or information that will make you more productive, more entertained, more informed, and more secure. Join Domenico Bettinelli, Fr. Cory Sticha, Joanne Mercier, Fr. Michael Gossett, and Thomas Sanjurjo every week.

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Recent Episodes

Cord Cutting in 2019 - Are you ready to cut the cableTV cord? Dom Bettinelli, Joanne Mercier, and Fr. Cory Sticha talk about when the time is right to do so, what services to consider, what hardware you need, and potential costs or savings. Plus Fr. Cory's review of the new Google Pixel 4.
Do Tech Rumors Do More Harm Than Good? - Do all those rumors of unannounced products do more harm to both companies and consumers than good? Dom Bettinelli, Pat Scott, and Thomas Sanjurjo also discuss the effect of social media on your job search and what you should do about, plus a lesson learned setting up new wifi.
Moon by 2024; Mars by 2035 - NASA wants to be on Mars by 2035. SpaceX plans to have a city there by 2050. Dom Bettinelli, Fr. Andrew Kinstetter, and Pat Scott ask whether this is a good idea, the potential pitfalls, and the benefits. Plus the perils and promise of AR glasses that replace your phone.
Revealing Selfies and China Censorship - American tech companies are bowing to Communist China's demands. Dom, Fr. Cory, and Joanne discuss how we as tech consumers and Catholics should respond and react. Plus are our selfies revealing too much personal information and the new Google Pixel phones.
Encryption, Ebooks, and Catalina - Governments are demanding Facebook put a backdoor in their end-to-end encryption plans, plus publishers and libraries are at war over ebook lending restrictions. Dom, Thomas, and Fr. Michael dig into the whys and hows and then Dom explains why he's not upgrading his Mac to Catalina yet.

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