About SQPN

SQPN, the Star Quest Production Network, is a Catholic non-profit organization that serves the Church, evangelizes the world, and forms authentic community.

Trideo is the audio & video branch of SQPN. Trideo produces programs for television, radio and internet at the intersection of faith and modern culture for an international audience.


There is a growing divide between our modern culture and that of the Catholic Church. SQPN wants to build new bridges to reconnect these two worlds. SQPN does this in three ways:

1. By enabling the production of programs in which popular culture is connected with underlying Christian and human values.

2. By funding audio & video productions that explain the Catholic faith in a creative, accessible way for those who are not familiar with it.

3. By stimulating friendship and dialogue between Catholics and other groups in society with programs and activities online and offline.


Trideo’s production studio is located in Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Annual Report

SQPN Officers and Board of Directors

  • Fr. Roderick Vonhögen – Chief Executive Officer
  • Linda Nielsen – Chief Financial Officer
  • Dom Bettinelli – Chief Operational Officer
  • Fr. Chip Hines – Member
  • Joanne Mercier – Member
  • Danielle Huntley – Member
  • Jimmy Akin – Member
  • Spiritual Director – Fr. Cory Sticha

Contact information

SQPN, Inc.

P. O. Box 491
Roswell, GA 30077-0491
+1-(720) 295-7776

You can send us an email using our Contact Form.