Let’s Science!

Let's Science logoWe live in a universe of wonders. Every day, scientists are inching toward breakthroughs which can change our lives. Caroline Knight, Lindsay Sant, and Lino Saubolle are playing their small part in sharing these wonders with you, from a distinctly Catholic perspective. So, Let’s Science!

And for more from Caroline, Lindsay, and Lino on a variety of topics from an Australian Catholic perspective, check out their other show, The Catholics of Oz.

Recent Episodes

The Secret of Roman Concrete - Why is it Roman buildings made from concrete still stand today? Lindsay Sant and Lino Saubolle discuss recent research that shows Roman concrete had a secret: It was self-healing!
The Science of Santa - How does Santa reach every child in the world on Christmas night? What would it take to make those reindeer fly at those speeds? Why doesn't Santa age? Caroline Knight discusses these Santa-themed science questions and more with Lindsay Sant and Lino Saubolle.
Cute Cockroaches? - Can a cockroach ever be cute? Caroline Knight tries to convince Lindsay Sant and Lino Saubolle that the recently rediscovered cockroaches of Lord Howe Island fit the description. Plus more on other fun, unusual insects and the latest update on space news.
Blessed Advent, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from StarQuest - Dom Bettinelli, CEO of StarQuest, has a special Advent and Christmas greetings for all listeners and an important message about the mission of StarQuest.
Harvesting Moon Air - There's enough oxygen in the Moon's soil to keep 8 billion breathing for 100,000 years. Lindsay Sant and Gerard Trapnell discuss how scientists know this and plans they have for harvesting Moon air for future human habitation.