Let’s Science!

Let's Science logoWe live in a universe of wonders. Every day, scientists are inching toward breakthroughs which can change our lives. Caroline Knight, Lindsay Sant, and Lino Saubolle are playing their small part in sharing these wonders with you, from a distinctly Catholic perspective. So, Let’s Science!

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Recent Episodes

The Core of the Moon - The Moon isn't made of cheese as young Lindsay once thought, and Caroline explains that scientists have finally confirmed it is a solid ball of iron by measuring acoustic waves from moonquakes
Lightning Crystals - Fulgurites are naturally occurring crystals formed by lightning striking and melting sand or soil. Caroline Knight tells Lindsay Sant and Lino Saubolle about these fascinating formations and new discoveries of never-before-seen minerals found in them. Plus, the latest on SpaceX's Starship Heavy.
Water Beads on the Moon - New discoveries may have revealed lots of water on the Moon. Caroline tells Lindsay and Lino about the Chinese discovery of glass beads on the lunar surface that contain water. Plus, a bonus discussion about screaming plants!
Electric Air - What if we could power our electronic devices from the air around us? It's not just science fiction. Lindsay Sant and Lino Saubolle discuss new research that shows the possibilities of harvesting hydrogen in the air using a unique enzyme that produces an electric current.
Australia’s Women of Science - Celebrating International Women's Day, Caroline Knight and Lindsay Sant discuss some of Australia's greatest scientists who happen to be women, Cathy Foley, Anne Kelso, Elizabeth Blackburn, Michele Simmons, and Fiona Ward.