Let’s Science!

Let's Science logoWe live in a universe of wonders. Every day, scientists are inching toward breakthroughs which can change our lives. Caroline Knight, Lindsay Sant, and Lino Saubolle are playing their small part in sharing these wonders with you, from a distinctly Catholic perspective. So, Let’s Science!

And for more from Caroline, Lindsay, and Lino on a variety of topics from an Australian Catholic perspective, check out their other show, The Catholics of Oz.

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Recent Episodes

2024 Total Solar Eclipse - With a large part of the US getting a chance to see a total solar eclipse this week, Caroline Knight, Lindsay Sant, and Lino Saubolle discuss eclipse science and viewing tips for those lucky enough to be in the path.
Surprising Egyptian Baboons - Baboons in ancient Egypt held special significance, even providing the form of one of their gods. Caroline Knight, Lindsay Sant, and Lino Saubolle discuss how recent DNA finds trace their origins to the land of Punt and reveal insights into ancient trade routes and more.
The Shrinking Moon - The Moon is indeed shrinking. Caroline Knight explains to Lindsay Sant and Lino Saubolle how the Moon is contracting and cooling over time, causing moonquakes, shrinking about 150 feet every few hundred million years, and potentially affecting future Artemis lunar missions.
Pikman and Plants - Plant-animal hybrids may only exist in the Pikmin game, but Caroline Knight tells Lindsay Sant and Lino Saubolle that there are also real-life photosynthetic animals that convert sunlight to energy, and discusses how all that works.
Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade - The little penguins of Phillip Island, Australia, are a unique avian population. Lindsay Sant and Lino Saubolle discuss their unique characteristics and life cycle and the role of ecotourism in habitat protection as a testament to effect conservation efforts.