Let’s Science!

Let's Science logoWe live in a universe of wonders. Every day, scientists are inching toward breakthroughs which can change our lives. Caroline Knight, Lindsay Sant, and Lino Saubolle are playing their small part in sharing these wonders with you, from a distinctly Catholic perspective. So, Let’s Science!

And for more from Caroline, Lindsay, and Lino on a variety of topics from an Australian Catholic perspective, check out their other show, The Catholics of Oz.

Recent Episodes

Cooper the Dinosaur - There's a new largest dinosaur in Australia called Cooper. Caroline Knight and Lindsay Sant tell us about this new species, how it came to be found and what it takes to determine if found bones are a new kind of animal. Plus a little bit about our neighbor Venus.
Tardigrades in Space! - Tardigrades, also known as water bears, and bob-tailed squid are headed to the International Space Station. Caroline Knight and Lindsay Sant discuss these fascinating creatures, their adaptations to harsh environments like space, and how they can help humans on Earth.
New COVID Defenses Developing - Australian scientists are on the forefront of developing new treatments for those suffering from COVID-19, and Caroline, Lindsay, and Lino discuss how they could reduce the severity of the disease. Plus the Super Blood Moon eclipse and a Japanese lunar ball rover.
cat in a box Cats in Fake Boxes - Cats love sitting in boxes. But can they be fooled into sitting in fake boxes? Caroline, Lindsay, and Lino discuss a real study into this question and the science of illusory squares and animal behavior involved. Plus SpaceX Starship news.
Warp Drive, Engage! - Could humanity one day travel the stars using a spaceship that warps space around it? Caroline, Lindsay, and Lino explore the science of warp drives and what current theories propose might be possible.