Catholics of Oz

Welcome to Melbourne, Australia, where three Catholics discuss Catholic news, faith, science, music, apps and more from an Australian perspective. Join Lindsay Sant, Caroline Knight, and Gerard Trapnell as they explore the intersection of faith and pop culture from an Australian Catholic perspective.

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Recent Episodes

Robo Priests? - In this episode, Lindsay and Caroline reflect on the idea of robot priests; get excited about the SpaceX Starship announcement and the possibility of Mars travel; talk about Office 365 as a productivity enhancer; and consider the Amazon Echo as a baby monitor.
Let’s Talk to the Catholics of Oz - This week, Fr. Cory Sticha welcomes our friends from Australia, Lindsay Sant, Caroline Knight, and Gerard Trapnell, hosts of the StarQuest's Catholics of Oz, to talk about how their show started and about being Catholic in Australia.
When Your Mess is Your Message - In this episode Lindsay shares some insights with Gerry about a recent staff retreat at his school which was facilitated by Fr Rob Galea. They also reflect on the ‘Lost things’ parables of Jesus which was the read from Luke’s Gospel for the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time. To finish this section of the podcast they discuss Fr Nicholas Pearce’s parish bulletin article about recent Victorian Law changes to mandate priests to break the Seal of Confession to report child abuse. Switching to technology, Lindsay and Gerry discuss Amazon Echoes and other smart devices in their homes and follow up on listener feedback and recent developments in topics from previous discussions.
Finding Hope in the Midst of Death - Caroline and Lindsay talk about recent funerals they’ve attended, one in person and one online, reflecting on the uplifting aspects of each and how they became moments of evangelisation for family that attended. Plus Caroline gives an update on Pluto and Mars news.
Encountering an Archbishop and a Saint - This time, Lindsay and Gerry reflect on the pastoral visit of Archbishop Peter Comensoli of Melbourne to their parish to help the community heal from some recent scandals.They also tell the story of St Mary MacKillop, Australia’s first saint, and celebrate her impact on the Catholic Church there.