Secrets of Sacred Art

Explore how sacred art reveals truth and beauty and goodness. Sacred artists Kathryn Laffrey and Alix Murray take listeners and viewers on a journey through sacred art to explore what makes art sacred and how art opens a window into what is good and true and beautiful. In each episode, they unearth the hidden treasury, history, and deeper meanings in religious and sacred art.

Whether you are an art aficionado or completely new to art, this show is for you. The Secrets of Sacred Art is produced in both audio and video versions, with the video allowing viewers to see the art being discussed.

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Recent Episodes

The Mystical Menagerie: Animals in Sacred Art - Explore the symbolism and significance of animals in sacred with Kathryn Laffrey and Alix Murray as they delve into the portrayals of some of their favorite creatures, how they glorify God, act as companions, and symbolize theological truths.
Last Supper at the Last Inn - A Medieval pub in Shrewsbury, UK, is an unusual place to find sacred art. Alix Murray tells Kathryn Laffrey how she discovered this fresco of the Last Supper and why it was there; its symbolism and theology; and finding unexpected sacred art in other places.
Ste. Anne de Detroit: Basilica Breakdown - In the first of a series, Kathryn Laffrey and Alix Murray take a deep dive, exploring the art and images of the Basilica of Ste. Anne in Detroit; its historical and architectural significance; and the symbolic significance of the various design elements.
Architecture and the Liturgy - How do the art and architecture of churches contribute to Catholic liturgy? Kathryn Laffrey and Alix Murray discuss the elements of the Catholic church, incuding verticality, permanence, and iconography, highlighting how these features connect the faithful to the divine, as well as the history of church architecture across cultures.
Pugin: God’s Architect - Augustus Pugin was a 19th-century English Catholic artist and architect. Kathryn Laffrey and Alix Murray discuss his enduring works in architecture, design, and art and how Catholicism both informed his work, but also affected him in the face of anti-Catholic bias.