Secrets of Sacred Art

Explore how sacred art reveals truth and beauty and goodness. Sacred artists Kathryn Lafferty and Alix Murray take listeners and viewers on a journey through sacred art to explore what makes art sacred and how art opens a window into what is good and true and beautiful. In each episode, they unearth the hidden treasury, history, and deeper meanings in religious and sacred art.

Whether you are an art aficionado or completely new to art, this show is for you. The Secrets of Sacred Art is produced in both audio and video versions, with the video allowing viewers to see the art being discussed.

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Recent Episodes

The Art of Bouguereau - Enter the captivating world of Bouguereau's art. Alix Murray and Kathryn Laffrey explore this 19th-century painter's works, its fame and fall from grace in the 20th century, and the profound historical, religious, and artistic significance and why it remains so popular among Catholics.
Catholic Ladders: Teaching the Faith with Images - Catholic ladders were visual representations of the faith used for teaching the catechism. Alix Murray and Kathryn Laffrey discuss their use in the Pacific Northwest missions in the 19th century and the power of visual imagery and symbolism to convey religious truth to varied audiences.
The Story of the Joseph Panels - The story of two paintings by Biagio D'Antonio featuring the story of the Old Testament Joseph is a tale of art torn asunder. Alix Murray and Kathryn Laffrey discuss the artworks themselves, the story of Joseph, and the role of museums in making sacred art available and visible to the public.
Color Theory and Use in Sacred Art - Does color matter? Kathryn Laffrey and Alix Murray discuss color in sacred art, its impact on mood and environment, color harmonies, and its ability to evoke emotion. They also discuss the deliberate choice of colors in religious iconography to convey deeper spiritual meanings. They also discuss color usage in specific religious paintings, emphasizing the need for thoughtful color choice in religious art to communicate profound messages.
Lights in the Vault of Heaven - Kathryn Laffrey and Alix Murray discuss the amazing art of the British monastic isle of Lindisfarne with its ancient Christian faith and history of Viking raids, including such artifacts as the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Doomsday Stone. They delve into Christian iconography, discussing sun and moon symbolism, drawing connections between religious art, scripture, and Christian theology, emphasizing the narrative continuity and cultural universality in sacred art. The conversation, rich in historical and symbolic references, encourages listeners to explore and appreciate sacred art's depth.