The Secrets of Stargate

The Secrets of Stargate logoThe Secrets of Stargate is a fan podcast about the hit 1994 movie and the TV series that followed, including SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe, plus whatever comes next. The show goes beyond the surface to look at the deeper layers and themes found in Stargate, while enjoying the mythologies explored, the fun science fiction elements, and the trademark humor. Whether you’re new to Stargate and watching it for the first time, like our host Jack Baruzzini, or a longtime fan like Lisa Jones, Victor Lams, and Fr. Cory Sticha (who also brings his expertise as a US Air Force veteran), you will be sure to enjoy the Secrets of Stargate.

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Recent Episodes

Secrets - Two plots in one! Jack, Lisa, Fr. Cory, and Victor discuss the very convenient pregnancy differences in Goa'uld hosts; Daniel's bad reaction to the news; a very X-Files-like incident; and meeting Sam's dad Jacob, who doesn't make a great first impression.
Family - These are the days of Chulak. Fr. Cory, Lisa, and Victor talk about this story that builds of Teal'c's backstory, including his son who is brainwashed and undergoes Zat-shock therapy for healing, plus another friend of Teal'c betrays him.
Message In A Bottle - It's a virus episode where one character gets to hang around! Jack, Fr. Cory, and Victor discuss the episode in which a virus infects not just people but also computers until it gains consciousness and reveals itself to be the collective mind of a civilization.
Thor’s Chariot - Turns out Thor isn't a tall, blonde Australian. Jack, Lisa, Fr. Cory, and Victor discuss the latest Asgard episode and the building of their mythos, and they express appreciation for how SG1 shows consequences for actions in previous stories.
Need - SG-1 is working in a Goa'uld mine while Daniel works through sarcophagus addiction. Jack, Lisa, Fr. Cory, and Victor look at Daniel's dubious attitude towards his marriage and the use of Goa’uld technology to prolong his life, while the rest of SG-1 break big rocks into little rocks.