Raising the Betts

A family podcast by StarQuest’s CEO, Dom Bettinelli, and his wife, Melanie Bettinelli, who are raising five kids in the Boston area. They discuss marriage, homeschooling, Catholic faith, their adventures far and wide, cooking exotic dishes, exploring nature, engaging culture and more. Join them as they travel to zoos, museums, and historical sites; get their kids to try strange, new foods; read books and watch TV and movies together; and try to raise their kids into healthy, well-adjusted, and capable Catholic adults.

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Recent Episodes

Crazy Critters - This week, the Betts go critter crazy with unusual animals; make some new chicken and curry dishes; re-watch all the Loki-related MCU movies, as well as Quiet Place 2; discuss a good book about the Great Migration; and see Jesus having a parent moment with the disciples.
If It Ever Stops Raining - Independence Day party, power outage, and a birthday are just the start for the Betts this week, plus a superior potato salad recipe; finishing a great cop show series; a time travel book; and the multiple levels of the Gospel of the two-by-two disciples.
By Georges Island - On a rainy day, the Betts visited the spooky and historic Georges Island in Boston Harbor. They also discover Looney Tunes as an incentive for the kids; remember the joy of bratwurst in beer; watch the campy but fun Tomorrow War; and discuss the Gospel of rejection and opposition.
Little Girl, Arise! - This summer, the Betts are making it a point to spend more time out of the house than last summer; plus reading The Code Book, watching Bosch season 7; and talking about Jesus' miraculous healing of the bleeding woman and Jairus's daughter
Project Hail Mary: Full of Grace - The new book, Project Hail Mary, has some surprising themes that give the Betts plenty of fodder for discussion (we give spoiler warnings); plus four new recipes; the new Pixar film Luca; and what Jonah has to do with the storm on the sea and Project Hail Mary.