Raising the Betts

A family podcast by StarQuest’s CEO, Dom Bettinelli, and his wife, Melanie Bettinelli, who are raising five kids in the Boston area. They discuss marriage, homeschooling, Catholic faith, their adventures far and wide, cooking exotic dishes, exploring nature, engaging culture and more. Join them as they travel to zoos, museums, and historical sites; get their kids to try strange, new foods; read books and watch TV and movies together; and try to raise their kids into healthy, well-adjusted, and capable Catholic adults.

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Recent Episodes

Workers in the Vineyard - The Betts say farewell to a nephew off to serve in the Army; finish Lord of the Rings; make Vietnamese meatballs; have a charcoal ash tip; get nostalgic with the Karate Kid; and consider the connection between the workers in the vineyard and the monastic hours.
Soup Season - Fall weather has come to New England and that means it's soup season. Dom and Melanie Bettinelli talk about their favorite season, some new soup recipes, a pasta recipe from the Vatican, Melanie's favorite Adam Sandler movie, and forgiveness as the center characteristic of the Christian life.
Feeding Our Kids - Figuring how to overcome allergies and food aversions to make sure your kids eat healthy is a struggle for many parents. Dom and Melanie Bettinelli discuss the strategies they've employed over the years to feed their five children. Plus, the emotional and mental burden of seeing your own parents grow older.
Crossover - The Betts take a hike, crossover in Scouts, dig into the family tree, make enchiladas, watch Umbrella Academy, and talk about the contradictions and unexpected turns in the life of discipleship.
Unbraced - This week, the Betts continue re-entry from vacation with appointments and school prep; free the first child from braces ... finally; remember the first time they almost met; discuss the joy of having your wedding reception playlist; and talk about binding, loosing, and invalid baptisms.