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Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World is an exploration of the weird, the strange, and the unusual. Join Jimmy Akin and co-host Domenico Bettinelli for a fascinating look at ancient mysteries, folk tales, urban legends, crimes, conspiracies, and the supernatural from the twin perspectives of faith and reason.

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Recent Episodes

The Baghdad Battery (Advanced Technology? Out of Place Artifact? OOPART?) - Some are convinced that an ancient clay pot found in Iraq is an electric battery made 2,000 years ago. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli examine the claim and whether it might be advanced, ancient technology or even evidence of extraterrestrial contact.
Analyzing After Death Communications - After hearing many stories of people reporting After Death Communications from deceased loved ones, Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli examine the reports from the faith and reason perspectives. Are they just imagination? Is it the grief talking? Could it be demons?
After Death Communications (ADCs) - Millions of people report spontaneous experiences of contact with departed loved ones, hearing their voices, seeing their faces again. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss what After Death Communications are, what they are like, and whether they really could be forms of contacted with our lost loved ones.
Kinkaid’s Cave (Egypt & the Grand Canyon) - In 1909, G.E. Kinkaid found a cave in the Grand Canyon containing Egyptian and Asian artifacts. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss the excavations that began at the time and then how the story vanished from the media. What is the truth of Kinkaid's cave and what did it really contain?
Klingon Baptisms & More Weird Questions - It’s time for another set of weird questions posed by Cy Kellett of Catholic Answers to Jimmy Akin, including this time: should Elrond have killed Isildur?; reported time travelers; teleportation clones and confession; Klingon baptisms; Gulf War syndrome; and more.

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