Preparing for Halloween and All Saints Day


For the Week Ending October 28, 2016

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How to Live Like a Hobbit 03: Troll

How to Live Like a Hobbit: Trolls

In this episode, we follow Bilbo Baggins and learn from his encounter with the trolls. Trolls don’t just live in Middle-Earth … or online. How can we deal with the trolls in our own lives?

The Break 1004: The New Vloggers

The Break: The New Vloggers

This week on the Break: a review of the animated movie “The Secret Life of Pets;” a discussion of Halloween & All Saints Day as part of the Peculiar Bunch; drones; and the new YouTube vloggers like Casey Neistat and what can be learned from them.

The Walk 155: How to Be a Helper

The Walk: How to Be A Helper

Should you always say ‘yes’ if someone asks for your help? Sometimes helping is tougher than it looks. Not to mention asking for help! And how does God help us?


Even though most people nowadays won’t associate Halloween with the Catholic faith, the feast actually has its origin in the celebrations around All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day. This new LEGO video explains the meaning of Halloween and the various Catholic practices around these important days of the liturgical calendar. The video is part of our successful catechesis series ‘Brick by Brick’, that aims to explain fundamental elements of the Catholic faith in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

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