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StarQuest is Growing and We Need Your Help

Over the past six months, the StarQuest Production Network has had an amazing renewal. We have added new shows and brought back older shows with new vigor. We’ve also struck into new topics, bringing you a daily headline podcast that you can even listen to on your Amazon Alexa as well as a new show that explores the mysteries of the world around us. And as the number of shows has grown, so has our audience. We are very excited about how far we’ve come and we have plans to keep bringing you even more great content that explores the intersection of faith and pop culture and to bring it to you with consistency and a high standard of quality.

Our recent listener survey has shown us that you are happy with the new shows and that you’d love to see even more from SQPN. And we have plans for new great shows from amazing new voices. We can't wait to share them with you.

But we need your help more than ever. SQPN hasn’t had a giving campaign in almost two years and our financial reserves are depleted!

In order to bring you all this quality content on a consistent basis, we have had to bring on a full-time employee for the first time in many years. The organizing, recording, editing, and promoting of so many podcasts really requires someone working full time, especially if we want to grow our audience to serve our mission of bringing Christ to the world through the exploration of the intersection of faith and pop culture.

Here’s what we’re asking of you:
  • If you are currently giving via a monthly pledge to SQPN*, prayerfully consider increasing the amount you pledge.

  • If you’re not a current giver, consider starting a monthly pledge to SQPN.

  • If you make only a one-time donation, we would be very grateful too, but monthly donations help us plan for the future in our budgeting over the next year.

Visit to make your tax-deductible monthly pledge* of:

Please visit to make your monthly pledge.

P.S. With your pledge of $100 per month or more, we would love to thank you with your choice of three gifts related to your favorite SQPN show. With a pledge of $30 per month or more, you will be able to select two thank-you gifts related to your favorite SQPN show. And with a pledge of $10 per month or more, we will send you one thank-you gift related to your favorite SQPN show.

To make a tax-deductible one-time donation*, click the button below:

If you prefer, you may also make a gift with a check or money order. Choose the amount of your gift, make your check payable to “SQPN, Inc.”, write “Fall 2018 Giving Campaign” in the memo, and send it to:

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* If you have a pre-existing monthly pledge to SQPN and are willing to increase the amount, please make your pledge at for the total amount and then send an email to [email protected]. We'll be happy to deactivate the old Paypal pledge.

SQPN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under US law. Depending on your country or locale, your donation may be tax deductible. Consult your local tax code or a tax professional.