StarQuest Needs Your Financial Support

StarQuest needs your help. Over the past few years, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. Every month we produce dozens of shows covering numerous topics, and all explore the intersection of faith and pop culture, which is the core of our mission. Some, like Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World, are among the most popular shows SQPN has ever produced in all its history since 2006. And our newer shows, like Secrets of Middle-Earth are catching fire with new audiences.

We're fulfilling our mission of evangelization in a whole new way.

Creating more than a dozen shows, with more than a dozen hours of content every week—not to mention editing, distributing, and promoting them—requires substantial financial resources on an ongoing basis. And now that we're doing more shows as videos, that increases our costs as well.

That’s why it’s crucial we hear from you right now.

It is through the generous support of donors like you that we can continue. We are a non-profit Catholic apostolate and are not affiliated nor do we receive support from any diocese or other official Church organization or any other ministry or apostolate. We depend on you through the grace of God!

Many listeners have already become financial supporters of StarQuest. We’re very grateful for your support, and we’d like to ask if you can prayerfully consider increasing your support. We have special thank-you gifts we’d like to send you when you increase your support.

If you haven’t yet become a supporter, please do so now. Every gift counts. If every listener gave just $10 per month, we would be able to expand our offerings and grow to reach even more listeners.

Your support will let us produce every month more than 50 hours of content that entertains, educates, and evangelizes.

Please give today. Thank you, from all of us at StarQuest, and God bless you!

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P.S. With your pledge of $100 per month or more, we would love to thank you with your choice of three gifts related to your favorite SQPN show, plus you can choose a topic for your favorite SQPN show**. With a pledge of $30 per month or more, you will be able to select two thank-you gifts related to your favorite SQPN show. And with a pledge of $10 per month or more, we will send you one thank-you gift related to your favorite SQPN show.

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Also: If at some point in the future, you wish to discontinue your pledge, please either do so by contacting us at [email protected] or by logging in with your username and password. Please do not file a credit card dispute with your card issuer as that incurs a penalty on us above and beyond your pledge amount and could result is us losing our credit card merchant account. We are happy to issue a refund on your gift if you request it. Thank You.

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Become a Sponsor

You or your business can become a named Sponsor of the StarQuest show of your choice with a specific and separate prominent mention of you or your company or even a charity you support in each sponsored episode. Find out all the details by visiting our Sponsorship Information Page.

*SQPN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under US law. (EIN: 30-0384791) Depending on your country or locale, your donation may be tax deductible. Consult your local tax code or a tax professional.
** If you choose this giving level, we’ll work with you to help choose a topic that works. All topics are subject to approval by the host(s).