The Secrets of Doctor Who

The Secrets of Doctor Who is a discussion of everything about the hit BBC series Doctor Who, from its beginnings in 1963 to the reboot in 2005 to the very latest episodes of today, on TV, in audio books, and everywhere in-between. Join Jimmy Akin, Domenico Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha for in-depth discussions of the Doctor Who phenomenon.

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Recent Episodes

The Mysterious Planet - The Trial of a Time Lord begins! Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory talk about the first part of the 6th Doctor's "trial" season that brings him to an "alien" planet that turns out to be a post-apocalyptic Earth run by a domineering robot. Plus lots of Valeyard name puns.
Let’s Kill Hitler - With the Doctor tracking down Amy and Rory's missing baby, they encounter a mysterious group tampering with time. Dom, Jimmy, and Fr. Cory discuss the ethics of punishing historical criminals in the way described here as well as an element introduced here to be important later.
Arc of Infinity - Omega in Amsterdam! Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory discuss this 5th Doctor story that includes future 6th Doctor, Colin Baker; lots of Doctor Who mythology; the Time Lords on Gallifrey; and capital punishment among the Time Lords.
A Good Man Goes to War - "Demons run when a good man goes to war." Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha talk about this 11th Doctor story that broadens the mythology surrounding River Song, Amy and Rory, and the Doctor, plus brings together a lot of elements from throughout New Who.
The Android Invasion - The 4th Doctor lands on Earth, but is it really Westworld? Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory discuss this Tom Baker story that involves a small English town and a space defense station completely taken over by lookalike androids, except for a lone human and alien invaders.

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