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The Secrets of Doctor Who is a discussion of everything about the hit BBC series Doctor Who, from its beginnings in 1963 to the reboot in 2005 to the very latest episodes of today, on TV, in audio books, and everywhere in-between. Join Jimmy Akin, Domenico Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha for in-depth discussions of the Doctor Who phenomenon.

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Recent Episodes

Dot and Bubble and Rogue - On the latest episodes of the 15th Doctor, Dom Bettinelli, Jimmy Akin, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss the cautionary tale of social media bubbles and class/race insularity as well as the Doctor's jaunt in Regency England with an awkward, sudden relationship.
73 Yards - Ruby on her own. Dom Bettinelli, Jimmy Akin, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss the latest 15th Doctor-less Doctor Who story that touches upon the folk horror genre and spins up an intriguing mystery that be related to Ruby's true identity.
Boom - The 15th Doctor and Ruby land in a minefield. Dom Bettinelli, Jimmy Akin, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss the stories complex attitude toward faith (both positive and negative) and the exploitation of war for profit as well as the mysterious actor who keeps showing up in different roles.
Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord - The 15th Doctor's season begins and Dom Bettinelli and Jimmy Akin discuss the first two episodes, discussing how this Doctor echoes and differs from the 9th; the building mystery of Ruby Sunday; and the potential for a big "Twist" in the season.
Out of Time (Big Finish) - The 4th and 10th Doctors together! Dom Bettinellli and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss this audio story that brings Tom Baker and David Tennant together in the a monastery outside of time, the Cathedral of Contemplation as they work to keep the Daleks out.

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