SME005: The Dwarves of the Blue Mountains

SME005: The Dwarves of the Blue Mountains


In this episode of the Secrets of Middle-earth, we explore the snowy region of Ered Luin, where dwarves mine the depths of the Blue Mountains for treasure. We learn about the surprising origin of the Dwarves, we discover the true reason of their fascination with gold and other precious metals, and we gain insight into the deepest roots of the troubled relationship between dwarves and elves.

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  1. Naomi

    I think the SQPN feed has some kind of indigestion… I’m getting lots of old shows as if they were new, some (like this one) from over two years ago!

  2. roderick

    I repaired the feed and re-uploaded this episode, because it was broken. Keep an eye on the feed, we are going to continue our exploration of Middle Earth soon!

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