1. doug200463

    So a little bird on twitter told me you restarted the podcast, i started listening to you back at episode 2 and was sad to hear that after episode 3-4 the feed went dead…excited to see you back! Love your show! I am also a player of LotRO, what server do you play on?

  2. Keith

    I kept on thinking about a joke about bears eating people during this podcast.

    There was a priest that was being chased by a hungry bear. As the priest was running he said, “Lord, please make this bear a Christian.” The bear suddenly stopped and looked up into the heavens and said, “Lord, I do thank you for this meal I’m about to eat.” 🙂

    Another good podcast. I’m glad to see that you’re starting these back up again.

  3. Corey Butler

    Hi Father Roderick,
    This is just a follow up email because I’m not sure if the first one I sent got through or not.

    My name is Corey and from Melbourne, Australia.

    I’ve only recently found your podcasts on LOTR and being a huge fan of the whole Middle-Earth concept, thought I’d give it a listen. I ended up listening to the whole 9 episodes in one go (I loved it that much). I’m not to sure how old your podcasts are but in one of the episodes, you mentioned the Children Of Hurin just being released. In Australia, I bought that in 2007, so I’m a little confused at this timeline. I also bought Tolkiens “The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrun” about the Norse Mythology. Must admit I found that a bit harder to understand.

    Please keep up the great work and look forward to more podcasts that I’ve now subscribed to.

    Corey Butler

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