1. Iam Noone

    Bakshi version was my introduction to the Lord of the Rings. John Hurt is Aragorn in my mind. This version is visually striking and far more ambitous than what you’ve given it credit for. Further, I definately prefer the Bakshi film to the live action trilogy. The savaging of the Bakshi version is enough for me to unsubscribe.

  2. Dan Dan The Art Man

    You should listen to the unabridged version of the book read by Rob Inglis. His gollum voice sounds even more like when Andy Serkis does the gollum voice we know from the movies. Also the way he voices one of the trolls sounds exactly like some of the small orcs in The Lord of The Rings Movies. It was fun to hear Fr. Roderick get so excited about describing this audio book. I’ve never heard him get so excited.

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