1. Patricia Ralston

    A slight correction of one comment of Dr Jewell’s. He said Owen Barfield was an editor for Oxford UP, but that was Charles Wiiliams, who worked for OUP from 1908 till 1945. Barfield met CSL when they were both students in Oxford–though at different colleges–in 1919. He tried to make a living as a writer, but in 1934 he joined his father’s London law firm as a solicitor and worked there till he retired in 1965.

    Thanks for an informative and enjoyable podcast!

  2. Yurglar

    Fr Rodrick i am 16, i basicly listen to your podcast because i found them throught CSTM, as i am a hardcore LOTRO player. I love how your bring the world in the game to life and talk about the lore. Keep it up! (you should go to Moria by the way)

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