1. Galdorien


    I must say that the secrets of middle earth is the best podcast i have know. It was because of this podcast i start to play lotro.

    I also have a questions: what lotro world do you play on?


    1. feanor12

      This podcast is really interesting. I’m sure to listen to other episodes also. It’s great playing lotro while listening (and vice versa)… 😉

      Pity you’re on other servers – I would gladly go on adventures with you, but I’m on Withywindle and have there great kinship and all…

      Keep at good work!! =)

    2. feanor12

      btw… I clicked this episode mainly because I also noticed all this constallations you were talking about (I’m scout leader and I know a little about constallations and orientation in nature)…

      I also found Pleades, Orion and Great bear. I found interesting, that during the night those constallaitons are stationary on that place, but other stars are moving in the background during the night!

      Did you know, that Orion actually represent Menelwagor in Middle Earth?
      Source: http://www.glyphweb.com/arda/m/menelvagor.html
      Oh… On this page are also lots of other interesting info about Tolkien and his ME! 😉

      I like, that Great bear is also kind of rightly placed into the sky and that, but I’m little disapointed though, that there is no Polaris (at least where it should be i couldn’t find it). Well… you can approximately orient yourself with Great bear, but sadly Orion is kind of misplaced.

      Anyways…. I love all those details that are included in Middle Earth by Tolkien, and by Lotro also! =)

  2. Roger Ferrari

    Awesome podcast! I would like to know which shoulder outfit is the one used by the elf on the pic?

    thank you!

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