STH032: Gandalf the Stern

STH032: Gandalf the Stern

We discuss how Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman work with director Peter Jackson to give depth to their portrayal of Gandalf and Bilbo. And we talk -as always- about the latest news!

Hobbit teaser trailer is coming!

Will The Hobbit Be Even Bigger Than The Lord of the Rings? Here’s What Elijah Wood Says…

Filming in Otago

Hollywood notes: Luke Evans enjoys ‘Hobbit’ role


Ian McKellen Blog: Notes from Imladris

Edith Bowman interviews Elijah Wood on BBCOne Radio on Saturday (details not pasted below)

Christopher Lee receives Bram Stoker award (details not pasted below)

Article about traveling in New Zealand, Middle-earth locations (details not pasted below)

Interview with Grant Major (artist, production design, etc.) (details not pasted below)

Part 3 of “Unexpected Journey” Article, Matamata Edition on AICN

Twitter blitz to get Road the Shire Guys trying on Ellen DeGeneres


Premiere of My Little-earth: The Princess and the Goblin

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  1. Travis

    BTW, I love the podcasts! I recently found them and am playing catch up, listening raptly to every one! 🙂

    You might have already had comments about this, but Otago is a province here in NZ with a variety of scenery. It has 3 distinct types of geography, from east to west: green hills next to the coast (e.g., Dunedin, which is pronounced “done eden”), dry rocky plains (through which the rail trail runs), and the mountainous Queenstown Lakes area which has Queenstown, Glenorchy, and Wanaka (emphasis on first syllable). Many parts of LotR were filmed in the Queenstown Lakes area, and a little was filmed in the central dry areas (most notably I think the warg fighting scene in The Two Towers). For The Hobbit there have been rumors that some will be (or was) filmed in the “Dunedin area”, but instead of seeing coastal Otago shots, I’m thinking they were referring to Middlemarch, which is a more central (and therefore dry) town about 100 km driving from Dunedin city center (but still within the official Dunedin city limits). Next time you come to NZ you should definitely make your way down to Otago! It’s definitely a must-see for fans of LotR, dramatic scenery, and/or extreme sports, although I’m having a hard time picturing you bungy jumping! 🙂

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