ONC007: The Shepherd

ONC007: The Shepherd

We analyze episode 6 of Season 1 of ‘Once Upon A Time’: ‘The Shepherd’!

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  1. Julie

    My mother’s mother’s family has a family crest and I remember how we talking about our crest. I had to look up some details but this is what I have found:

    Blue: Truth and Loyalty–Lion: Bravery, strength, ferocity, and valour
    Red: Warrior or martyr; military strength and magnanimity–Shamrock: Perpetuity; floral device of Ireland

    Stars: Celestial goodness; noble person; Excellence
    Roses: Mark of the seventh son; Hope and joy; see also meanings for specific colors of roses

    I couldn’t find the meaning of seven, though rose above has “seven” it is definition.

    1. David

      2. What floral emblem is seen on the tunics of Prince Charming’s knights?


      2. white rose

      In heraldry, a charge is any emblem occupying the field of an escutcheon (shield). The prince’s shield consists of 7 white roses, a red chevron (shaped like an inverted letter V), and a lion.(http://new.roneyzone.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/snowwhiteguardpatch.jpg)

      A white rose symbolizes love, faith, charm, and innocence. The lion symbolizes bravery, valour, strength, and royalty.

  2. decarus

    The shield with the white flowers and the blue and the panther or lion. That shield was the same crest or whatever you call it that the men in Snow and Charming’s castle in the first episode were wearing. So since that castle also had the round table that means that Snow and Charming’s castle from episode 1 must have used to have been King George’s castle.

    I am interested in how many kingdoms there are also. I think that we know of four kingdoms. Prince Thomas’ Kingdom, Midas Kingdom, Evil Queen’s Kingdom, and King George/Prince Charming’s Kingdom. I have still wondered if the evil queen is like the queen over all or if she is just from another kingdom. I do agree that they are going to try and unite the kingdoms. I would imagine it will be Snow and Charming on one side against the Evil Queen’s side.

    I don’t like the idea that the Evil Queen is Snow’s older sister because that would mean that she would be the legitimate heir to the throne and not Snow. I think that Snow has to be the real legitimate heir to her father and not the Evil Queen. So i think they need to keep with the way it is in the Disney version and have the Evil Queen be her step mother. And her age is not important to being a step mother because a step mother can be the same age as the father’s child.

    Also just so you know a bear claw is a certain type of doughnut, not all doughnuts are bear claws though.

  3. Bryan Hill

    Enjoyed the podcast. However, we do NOT know that Rumplestiltskin made the Dark Curse. We only know the Evil Queen traded something to get it from Rumplestiltskin. So it’s quite possible that Rumplestiltskin obtained the Dark Curse with some previous trade.

    As for the Windmill, I always thought the Windmill in the Pawn Shop was just the physical representation of Rumplestiltskin’s deal with the Shepherd. We know the items in the Pawn Shop represent his past deals. Like the puppets represent his deal with Jiminy the Cricket. The unicorn crib-mobile probably represent his deal with Snow White to learn Emma’s name.

    So for me, the Windmill represented his agreement with The Shepherd to “assume a new identity.” And the Shepherd became Prince Charming. Likewise, when he sees the Windmill — he continues to honor this agreement by once again assuming a new identity, David Nolan.

    Furthermore, I thought the birdhouse was a reference to Episode One. Mary Margaret basically said, “Remember, this is a home, NOT a cage… if you love them, and they love you — they will return.” That’s when David appears. Likewise, it reinforces the idea that Mary has a home, while David feels “caged.”

    1. decarus

      I agree. We don’t know that Rumpel created the curse only that he traded it with the Evil Queen.

      I do not agree that the pawn shop objects represent deals. I think that they are memories and will help Rumpel and others regain their memories. Charming never made a deal with Rumpel at least so far.

  4. Glenn

    Righty so Father 🙂 Abigail is one of David’s wives, but did you also pick that Abigail in our world is called Michelle! David’s first wife. Also interestingly, in the biblical account Michelle secretly despised David.

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