1. Gia

    “Coming out April 1st . . . ” It took me a minute to realize that that was April Fool’s Day. That means that the Snow White sequel isn’t real! I’m sure you’re all as happy about that as I am.
    I also realized something else while re-watching the episode to prepare for the podcast. This episode is full of hearts, obviously, and deer. Thinking back to some medieval stories I’ve read, I remembered that a hart is a kind of deer. I do so love puns.

    1. geripfromnyc

      Am I the only one having a problem with this podcast? It won’t complete downloading from iTunes and when I downloaded from above it stopped at about 40 min. Help?

      1. Post author
        Fr. Roderick

        It looks like the file got damaged. i have uploaded a new copy to replace the corrupt file, and I think it is working again. Please try downlading the episode again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Glenn

    Thanks guys I enjoyed this podcast episode. I’m psyched for ep. 8 – Desperate Souls. Interestingly they dealt with the heart in ep. 7 and ep. 8 they are dealing with the soul. Will they deal with the spirit in Ep. 9 ‘True North’? If so the name doesn’t give it away.

    Hey Gia, I liked your hart pick. I love puns too…so long as they are excellent ones 🙂

  3. decarus

    The sheriff is just dead in my opinion. He could not have a heart transplant. People are on heart transplant lists for years. And if your heart stops beating then you only have a few minutes to do something. The sheriff’s heart got pulverized to dust. There is no scientific way of coming back from that. It would have to be magical like his heart belonged to Emma. I hope not. He should just be dead. It would further the plot a lot more that way.

  4. Bryan

    Enjoyed the Podcast. Just wanted to comment on the palaces. In episode 7, Snow White refers to the palace as “The Summer Palace.” This is also the SAME palace the Evil Queen has made her home ((when she disappears in a puff of smoke in Episode 1, this is the palace she retreats to)).

    Because there’s a hall of mirrors that’s visible in Episode 2, that’s also clearly visible in Episode 7. This is symbolic. Because over time, this beautiful “summer palace” was once bright, beautiful, and full of the King’s Knights. Later, this same palace is dark, empty, and only the Queen’s father, Henry, is left to serve her.

    This makes her comment, “They already think I’m nothing” in Episode 2 more relevant.

  5. Jan - Stfrancisgirl

    I agree that this episode made it obvious that Regina knows her own past. As far as Rumpelstiltskin, in the first or second episode, he made a deal with the Regina / Evil Queen, that she had to do what he asked if he used the word “Please.” I don’t remember if this deal was made in fairy tale land or the present. I have felt that this gave Rumpelstiltskin the power to undermine anything spell that Regina / Evil Queen would cast. Do you remember this deal or am I off base? Love the program and love the podcast. I also am enjoying listening to Secrets of Disney along with this show.

  6. Jan - Stfrancisgirl

    Also, Mr Gold/Rumpelstltskin sometimes reminds me of the character of Sylar from the canceled NBC series Heroes. Mr. Gold / R sets about to “take” other people’s source of magic. On Heroes, Sylar was known for stealing other people’s unique powers. There is certainly more to Mr Gold’s story but he seems to be a collector of majic powers. I feel that even Regina is under his power and he can control the final outcome of things. In regards to the Graham being truly dead — I guess so. We have pointed out that Emma’s presence alters the tragic endings as in Charming coming out of his coma. It would be nice to see some better outcome for Graham / The Huntsman.

  7. JayJay

    LOST reference that I’ve never heard yet. It’s a recurring theme in LOST that when you are close to redemption or close to finding what it is you’ve been searching for (your whole life) then you die. The sheriff almost found love in Emma, then dies when the Queen squeezes his heart. Also when the Sheriff touches the one he loves (or his constant) he sees into the other world (see finale of LOST)

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