1. Glenn

    I pointed out in a comment, the Michelle / David connection, back in ‘The Shepherd’ post, Father. I seem to recall too that Michelle was the wife that secretly despised David. Is that correct?

    Now dear hosts regarding my ‘dagger-in-the-typewriter’ comment. It wasn’t a theory – it was a joke. I was digging the Father in the ribs, because his theory turned out incorrect. I do not and have not believed that the dagger is in the typewriter.

  2. Dan Hyatt

    Greetings all! Love the show, as always! Just a quick thought on who the “motorcycling typist” might be. Has anyone thought, based on the Wil Ferrel movie (“Stranger Than Fiction”) you mentioned, that the name “Grimm” might come into play!?! 😉 BTW, coincidentally, the author in the above movie was a former Hogwart’s professor, played by Emma Thompson!! How’s that, two podcasts in one!! Keep up the good work! Pax Vobiscum!

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