1. Soto

    I love your podcasts but I almost missed this one again because the podcasts don’t show up on my Google Listen on my Android ever since episode 19 and on. I’m not sure if the Videos broke something. I don’t use iTunes, but I’m pretty tech savvy so I don’t know why I’m having trouble getting the last four podcasts to show up.
    Worth the extra time to download and listen anyway! I really look forward to more.

  2. James

    Hello Father Roderick, I was wondering who to look up on the Elendilmir server to join the kinship? Also, Im a huge fan of your podcast, and also the Tolkien professor one too. Look forward to seeing you all online

  3. Tobias

    Hi Fr.Roderick

    I love your podcast about Tolkiens middle earth and how you get it sounds like you are in the world yourself, not just playing the game. It was because of you i started playing LOTRO and i wonder what server your are playing on?

    Hope you continiue whit this podcast


    1. Inge

      Father and I are both on Elendilmir and Landroval. On Landroval we are in the Lonely Mountain Band kinship, on Elendilmir we’re in Elenath Ephedyn.

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