1. Jason

    Enjoying the show! I will say the first few episodes rambled too much for me (or maybe needed more conversation among the hosts) but it feels like you’ve figured out a good structure with the different segments and it’s flowing really well. Glad to chip in a few bucks too!

    I have a couple comments in reply to this episode and a theory:

    First, I’m not sure that the stranger asking Henry about the story means that he doesn’t know. Consider that Jesus often asked questions he knew the answer to. Parents pull that trick all the time too 😉

    Second, unlike Lost, I think this show will follow some real life rules, i.e. dead is dead. I love how this show feels very much like watching Lost, but I think we still need to keep them separate in speculating about what might happen in the future. J.J. Abrams also wrote the latest Star Trek movie, but he didn’t go breaking rules integral to the Star Trek plot. I feel for those OUAT fans who didn’t watch Lost… sometimes I wish I hadn’t because the “conclusion” just about killed the show for me (but that’s another conversation 😉

    And my theory: the physical book now in the stranger’s possession is what holds this Storybrooke spell together. By that I mean that events in Storybrooke occur because they are written in the book (not the other way around). Therefore, should the book change… let’s say, pages are burned… the events of Storybrooke will change. For now, nothing is changing because everything that has happened so far is intact in the book, but the irony is that Emma — whose arrival begins to break the curse and slowly bring about Regina’s downfall according to the book as Henry knows it — has destroyed the end of the story by burning those pages in the fireplace. So when we get to that page, we will find out that Regina actually has the power to defeat Emma because the conclusion is unwritten. And this is where the stranger and his typewriter will come into play… Good vs Evil hanging in the balance!

  2. Glenn

    I would have marked this as my most favourite episode of the season so far except for one teensy tiny detail. Writers as excellent as these should have seen the flaw. Gold did NOT have to tell the queen his real name. All he had to do was say “Can I please have the cup.” As a writer I’m not impressed. I know it is a miniscule chip in their solid writing, but a mistake nevertheless.

    Apart from this there was so much to praise in this episode. Chip and Gaston’s cameo. The proposal in the bar. Kalyle’s performance. The beauty and the beast homage was just terrific.

    There can be NO doubt that both Regina and Mr. Gold knows everything. Since ‘Heart of the lonely hunter’ I had no doubt that Regina knew, and I always suspected Gold did.


      1. Sarah

        After the “Skin Deep” episode, and how Mr. Gold/Rumple and Regina interact, both in Storybrook and in fairy tale world, I have developed a theory. Could Regina be Rumple’s first wife??

      2. Samantha

        did you see tthe sorcerer mickey hat in beast’s dining room when evil queen was there? i like your point about his ‘please’ power.. but if she remembers everything then why didn’t she know his old name.. she used it in the fairy world??

        1. Jeannette

          Regina does know Gold’s fairy world name, she asked him to tell her because she wanted to see if he remembered. I think Storybrooke Belle has been locked away because she remembers everything. Also, in the scene where Belle explains about her arranged marriage, on a table in the background there was a Lumiere candelabra and a Cogsworth-style clock! Best episode so far, I thought.

        2. Glenn

          Hi Samantha. No I missed the mickey sorcerer’s hat – I was busy looking for mickey – too funny. Yes good point about about why she didn’t remember Gold’s real name if she knows everything (which I did think about after I had posted). So there must be a puzzle piece still missing on this.

          Say when is the next podcast up? The next episode is already upon us?

          1. Post author
            Fr. Roderick

            Don’t worry, we’ll soon record new shows. I had to travel to Africa for my TV work, so we fell behind a bit.

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