STH037: Radagast the Brown

STH037: Radagast the Brown

Sylvester McCoy about his character Radagast the Brown; where will The Hobbit movies split? Hobbit fan music; Hobbit toys and games; Nicolas Cage and Middle-earth.

Thanks to Radio Static for their permission to use the clips of the interview with Sylvester McCoy.

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  1. Phillip

    In response to the 4 possible first movie endings, I think they all fall short of the mark because not one of them has incorporated the other story line about the White Council and the attack upon Dol Guldur. The movies will contain not one but two epic battles being Dol Gulur and the Battle of the Five Armies. If they are both left to the 2nd movie that will make it rather heavy on battle action and the first will be almost entirely a road movie. More satisfying for me would be if after the Misty Mountains and Beorn the main story line would follow Gandalf, the White Council and the pre-emptive strike on Dol Guldur. All of this could happen while the dwarves are trudging through Mirkwood. The big revelation at the end of the first movie could be the discovery that the Necromancer is in fact Sauron which is the link to the LOTR. Not only has the weapon of the enemy been found but we have also discovered the enemy. This will then leave the Realm of the wood elves, Laketown, the Mountain, the dragon and another huge battle for the second movie. In the same style of the Fellowship and Two Towers, the first movie could end with the scene of Bilbo climbing up the the top of the tree canopy in Mirkwood and despairing to see that the forest goes on forever and then the camera pans up to see the edge of the forest (which Bilbo couldn’t see), a glimpse of Laketown and in the distance the Lonely Mountain their final goal.
    In the end I will trust Peter Jackson to do it well.

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