1. Deborah

    Hi, oncers. This episode inspired a trip down memory lane in Disney Nostalgia. In fact, towards the end of Dreamy, my memory cued this song… from my favorite retro Epcot ride (now Mission Space) and retro Epcot songs from the 80s/90s http://youtu.be/igL13OJquXE

    If you can dream it, you can do it.
    Walt Disney

  2. medchen

    I know this is old, but just had to comment. I hope someone reads it anyway.
    You called it a Filler episode ? you serious ???? It had some of the biggest themes of the show in it.
    I’m sorry but I feel very passionate about this one 🙂

    First of all, the fairies are STARS all that stuff with ordering too much helium.. and so much more I can’t write it all here.
    The Blue Fairy. She might explode in the end (because she is an old blue star running out of power)- and become a black hole- the hole that can never be filled!!!!!
    Notice in an earlier ep. when Evil Queen enacts the dark curse and she is in the babyroom with Snow, the curse comes through the ceiling as a black hole sucking out the roof and the ceiling is painted like a night skye, with stars and moon and so.

    That the dwarfs are from eggs, I think is like ants destined to just work all life and have no significance, step on one and there will be another to take its place right away.

    The main theme is that we have to go get our dreams, go get that sailing boat, don’t just be a puppet. Because a lot of people are going to tell you, you can’t. And the stars might work against you but you hold your destiny, not the stars. You might think everything is written in the stars, or that when you are written in to the stories as the evil Queen, then that fate is unavoidable…
    After all Henrys book is a book of Fairy-Tales. The Blue fairy or just fairies in general, wrote the fairytale book to make everything happen the way they, for some reason, needs it to. We have yet to find out what that reason is, if this theory holds up.
    But when it comes down to it, the Stars have no power over you-like Rumple-like the Devil.

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