STH042: First Glimpse of Dale?

STH042: First Glimpse of Dale?

We discuss the spy photos from the outdoor set of what looks to be the city of Dale; the Hobbit pub is saved by Gandalf and the Master of Laketown; Save the Shire; How successful will The Hobbit be? What will you read on Tolkien Reading Day on Good Friday? The Hobbit Fan Community News.

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  1. SolomosPorchRadio

    Fr. Roderick,

    We really enjoy your podcast on The Secrets Of The Hobbit. You refer to The Lord of the Rings often and was wondering, as a priest, would you consider bringing more of the Christian influence out more? I once read a book called “Finding God In The Lord Of The Rings” by Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware. Just a thought. Keep up the awesome podcast and we can’t wait until the movie is released!

    God bless,

  2. Steph

    I am sooo grateful for this show! Looking forward to it every time, thanks so much! Now all you have to do is make the “Secrets of Middle-Earth” podcast episodes a bit more frequent, as I am completely addicted to that as well, especially since I’m a relatively new LOTRO player myself 🙂
    I’m also a big Harry Potter nerd, so I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for pointing out the “Digital Gonzo” reviews of all the movies! You’re right, some of the best in-depth analysis to be found. I’m only on the second one but am already loving it so much! God bless and keep up the brilliant work please!

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