1. Samantha

    Thanks once again for a very involving listen! The episodes seem to be getting deeper and the storylines are progressing faster, too. Stable Boy was action packed and followed this one nicely. Now that the main characters are pretty much set and comfortable in the viewer’s mind the writers need to keep stepping up the story line involvement. I liked the part about the correlation between the characters with same-names and their ability to remember. Let’s not forget poor Belle, either.
    The queen of hearts was very strange… I just can’t figure it out. Wasn’t she interested in the hat for her own goals of getting to fairytaleland?

    1. Samantha

      just an aside on this, I was watching the first episode of Primeval on Netflix and thought I saw the Hatter.. looked him up and it was THE HATTER… just not from OUAT.. from the Alice miniseries a few years past. his name was Andrew Lee Potts, anyone see this.. the OUAT writers totally ripped their version of the Hatter from this miniseries! http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1366265344/nm0498517

  2. decarus

    I think that the events of hat trick have to have happened after the Queen killed Snow’s father because Regina is wearing black and she didn’t start wearing black until after she killed Snow’s father and became queen on her own.

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