1. Glenn

    Hi guys. No I hadn’t finished I was surprised that the audio stopped when it did. All my audio review will finish with “Bye Bye Dearies.” 🙂

    So let me transcribe the rest of the review here.

    Obviously Ruplestiltskin had everything in control. We saw Rumplestiltskin initiate the whole get rid of Catherine idea to the whole laying of the key in Mary Margaret’s cell.
    But for Rumplestiltskin’s plan to work he had to be sure that Mary M. would not fall into the temptation for escape and stay in the cell. She didn’t of course and it was Emma who found her back and convinced her to go back into it. It was a huge risk Rumple was taking here!

    Just when everything seems over for Mary Margaret, Catherine magically appears! Did not Rumplestiltskin say, “It was time for a little magic.”? I would bet that even before he made that deal with the Mayor, he had made one with Catherine, and that she was in on her own disappearance and she only looks dazed because the re-entry was rough. I’ll be hanging out for that backstory.

    Bye, bye Dearies.

    1. Nonnie


      This is an open invitation to Glenn and Father and anyone else interested in ONCE UPON A TIME to drop by our FORUM and podcast to post their theories and comments. We are always interested in interaction.

      Glenn, our podcasting host mentioned he would like you to drop by and leave a voice message so if you can that would really be nice… He and the gang would love your input… I personally love your voice.

      You too father… all are welcome.


  2. Jan - Stfrancisgirl

    Wasn’t Catherine’s Fairy Tale World beau Frederick present when her car was discovered empty? She had just admitted there was not true love with David and that David and Mary Margaret are obviously in love. Anyway — it seemed she was about to encounter her FTW love at the time of her “death/disappearance.”

  3. Gilles

    Hi Father, love the show and love your podcast.

    There’s an idea that developped in my mind about ‘Stabelboy’. I had already sent you a voicemail about some other aspect of the show, so I thought I would wait until the broadcast to see if anyone came up with the same theory. It’s actually in two parts, the second one a little bit more wild.

    What happened to Snow White’s mother? We know she’s missing and probably dead, but we don’t know how she died. Since Cora was responsible for spooking SW’s horse so that Regina could save her, I’m thinking that she might also be responsible for whatever happened so Snow’s mother. Cora seems very capable of long term planning – after all, she did name her daughter Regina, or queen.

    That was the first part. As I said, the second part gets a little more speculative. And I admit there’s problems with it. What if Snow’s mother is not dead, but was trapped by Cora somewhere – like Wonderland? If she became the Queen of Hearts, it would explain why she does not want Regina refered to as ‘The Queen’, as well as to provide a reason for her to have the Mad Hatter make another hat to return to Fairy Tale Land.

    Two other plot points to ponder:

    1) What does Mr. Gold want from Regina that lead him to make a deal? Surely not just having the charges dropped, because he could have asked Regina to ‘please’ use her influence to get them dropped. Ithink he wants something untangible – like her trust – to better defeat her.

    2) The DNA report had confirmed that it was Catherine’s heart that Ruby found. Presumably, the lab had something else of Catherine’s to compare it to, like a hair. A hair would be easy to get, but again – whose hart is it? I don’t think Regina would have Catherine’s heart from FTL, has Catherine feels emotions. And now that we know she’s alive, it rules out having lost her heart in the real world.

    I can’t wait for the next episode and the next podcast.

    Good-bye from Canada’s Capital.

  4. Stephanie

    There has been some discussion that the stranger could be Pinocchio in the last few podcasts. I really don’t know where to put this so I’ll just shoot straight. If August really is Pinocchio the complication would be how could he get to real world without being affected by the curse. Well what if he did come by the wardrobe? I mean think back to Harry Potter when Dumbledore and Harry (in book 6) went to get the Horcrux from the cave. They crossed the lake in the boat that, in theory, would hold only 1 wizard. However both Harry and Dumbledore crossed the lake because Harry was not of age and therefore his magic wasn’t registered. What if the same sort of principle applies here??

    Pinocchio and Emma are both children. The amount of magic that it would take to send a child (particularly when one is a newborn) wouldn’t be that much. Any thoughts??

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