1. Samantha

    He did buy her a present, but she didn’t open it, he told her it was a BELL. Sorry, just listening and trying to talk back to the podcast. LOL. Peace all

  2. Natalie M.

    Per Father Roderick’s request 🙂

    I love your show, first and foremost. However, I did find myself yelling at my iPod this week: you are all forgetting the timeline!

    Remember the first episode we saw with Gipetto and Archie? Rumple already had his power, and was using it to make deals (The deal with Archie to get rid of his parents), which I believe means it was after Baelfire left for our world. Gipetto was just a small boy at the time, maybe 5 or 6 years old. Now Gipetto is an old man in Storybrooke. This, to me, means that there is no way that Pinocchio (Gipetto’s son) could ever have met Baelfire in the fairytale world, because there is a HUGE difference in their ages ( I would guess at least 35 years, probably more if Gipetto was an old man when he finally had Pinocchio).

    Furthermore, I have a sinking feeling that Baelfire has died. We know that no one in Storybrooke has aged because of the curse. Baelfire didn’t get placed under the curse however, and logically, if Gipetto is an old man, Baelfire must be an old man too: or, more likely in my opinion, has passed on. I do wonder how this will affect the breaking of the curse, and how it will affect Rumple if he realizes there is no hope for a reunion with his son. I think it would break him.

    1. Gilles

      This also invalides Father’s theory that the maid that Rumple killed had drawn the image of the dagger and given it to Pinocchio.

      1. Inge

        He says to Mr. Gold that he can’t believe he fell for the lie that he was Baelfire, because he knows he doesn’t even look like him. Does this mean that Bael and Pinocchio somehow knew each other, and maybe Bael, not the maid has given the drawing of the dagger to him?

  3. Tammy

    Loving every minute of this show! I think we are forgetting its just that, in soaps bio moms take kids back all the time, and we are talking about in a story book city where you pull the right strings and the right person will sign the paper! So don’t be so shocked if Emma some how makes a deal with Mr. Gold to help her get Henry.its kinda how I see it going down. They did lead with he brought Henry to Regina in the first place and we now know his motivation,maybe we are all wrong but that’s what I love about this show, is they keep you guessing! And I even thought there may be some kind of twist of August not only being Pinnochio but also Baelfire, just like the red twist or the Cinderella twist! Keep it coming!

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