1. Natalie M.

    I’m listening to the episode as I type, but I just wanted to comment on the Emma = Sleeping Beauty theory quickly before I forget.

    In the first episode where we see Maleficent (episode 2?), when see a brief moment of the two witches (Maleficient and Regina) taunting each other about their failures. Maleficient says something about how Snow was able to trick Regina at only 17, and Regina responds with “Yes, the same age that SLEEPING BEAUTY was when she got the best of you” which ticks Maleficent off and gets them “down to business” so to speak. Because of this reference, I think it is impossible that Emma is Sleeping Beauty, as this would make Sleeping Beauty older than Snow White.

    Great episode otherwise, and I’m interested in other people’s thoughts on this 🙂

  2. inge

    I read somewhere that there’s a wacky theory that Jefferson is Regina’s brother (remember the story of the Miller’s wife?). What do you guys think of that? here and here are references for it.

  3. decarus

    Sorry about this, but i couldn’t let it slide. Faith is not opening yourself up. Faith is all from God. Faith is a gift of god not of ourselves least any man should boast. God gives you your faith. It is not something you do that makes you have faith it is like God faiths you. He gives it to you. It is him first. You look up at him just to realize that he is reaching down to you. God moves first. You do not move first and give faith to yourself, God gives it to you.

    Now about ONCE, the elevator and the library does not take them to the fairytale land. Emma just went into the caves under the town. Maleficent was brought to this world by Regina. Regina specifically says that. Maleficent was just trapped as a dragon in the caves. It was the same cave we saw in Ep 5 with Snow’s coffin in it, but it is in the real world, just under Storybrooke.

    Also Emma acted a lot more like the prince from Sleeping Beauty then she did like the girl. Emma killed the dragon and woke the sleeper which are both things the prince does in sleeping beauty and not the girl. And Maleficent already mentioned the real sleeping beauty in Ep 2 so that story already happened before Emma was born, so Emma cannot be sleeping beauty.

  4. Chloe

    When Emma killed the dragon this remember me made me of the arjane story alice and wonderland, where Alice kills the jaberwoke.

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