1. Don

    Dear Fr Roderick and Dave,

    I am an attentive follower of your blog and was eagerly waiting your recent episode concerning the 7th vblog.
    But i wanted to say that the other video blog analysis were far better, especially because you played the video and then commented and analysed it as it went …in that way, you were always on top of everything and never missed a bit…not to mention it was much more fun to hear you guys commenting, and laughing and making jokes about the video…
    Without it, it became a poorer and somewhat lost analysis…you seemed to be wondering what else was on the video..which was strange and disappointing since all you had to do was play it…dont take this as criticism, just as a comment from a fan of your episodes who enjoys them very much, and as such, comparatively to the previous vblogs commentary, this one, lacked the enthusiasm, attentive analysis, on the spot commentary…My humble suggetsion would be that, as i think you mentioned , you do another episode about the vblog, but this time, play it as you comment it…you wont miss anything, there would be no need for notes, and you d have done a thorough and complete vblog episode ;)…Thank you for doing these episodes and best of luck!

    1. Post author
      Fr. Roderick

      Hi Don, thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, we ran out of time to prepare this episode. We had a lot of news to catch up on, and rushed through the video. Next time we will try to do better!

      Thanks for being a listener!

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