1. Jon

    This is listed as being STH061. The episode released just prior to this episode is listed as being STH059. What happened to STH060?

    1. Post author

      I made a typo in the title. This is actually episode 60. I corrected the mistake! Thanks for alerting me!

  2. Georges Fadel

    Hi Father Roderick and Dave,

    I just discovered an iOS Hobbit Movie app which contains all you need to know about the Hobbit movies (production videos, character descriptions, the famous scroll, etc.) I noticed that the character descriptions in the app are the same text as the german website you mentioned in the podcast. Check it out. It contains some new photos of the company members.


  3. kandral

    Shame that hobbit quiz prize is only open to US folks, but understandable with shipping and all.
    I got an A- , think I had the Radagast question wrong…. who attacked his house ? Hmm, need to reread the Hobbit again than as I can’t recall that at all.

    1. Steph

      I believe his house was attacked by Goblins, but my recollection is somewhat foggy as well! 🙂 I am intrigued about this quiz now though, might have to take it even though I’m outside the US as well!

      1. kandral

        I read the whole thing again.. looking for pieces on Radagast. As I thought nothing is mentioned about “who attacked his house”… in fact the fella is hardly mentioned to begin with. So, a questionable A- on the quizz to say the least 😉

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