ONC036: Tiny

ONC036: Tiny

Why is Regina behaving strangely? Will Emma, Henry and Mr. Gold find Baelfire? What happened to Mr. Gold after going through security at Boston Logan International? We have some thoughts and theories.

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  1. Nonnie

    THE CGI in ONCE upon a Time … I do not think they will pay for better CGI…. Here is why I think this way……

    I know we are fans of OUaT but ratings are on a slide in the USA.

    OF course the Nielsen rating system is way out of date because it only reflects first time viewing at broadcast time …. and does not reflect steaming, dvr / delayed watching, or viewing on Hulu or Amazon or You Tube paid viewing.

    Ratings slide during the events season… people drift off and may not get back…. Super Bowl / Award shows / Oscars etc. Even if the event is on another station (Grammies) the show rating suffer.

    OUAT is a hard show to catch up on once you loose track of the story. I know several of my friends have wandered off and not caught up with the series and probably will not watch it again till the DVD is release… they they will do what they did this year… watch the DVD then start watching the next season…. If there is a season..


    1. Post author

      Currently, we’re scrambling to get the panel together, but Fr.’s recent throat afflictions and his trips to Rome for his work on Dutch Catholic TV prevented us to find a moment to sit together. Currently, everything seemed to have calmed down, so hopefully we’re able to sit together and record soon! Thanks for your patience!

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