ONC038: The Queen Is Dead

ONC038: The Queen Is Dead

In this episode: Is this a turning point for both Snow and Regina? What will happen to Rumplestiltskin? Is Neal perhaps also … Peter Pan? Our panel discusses these questions and more.

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  1. Nancy (USA - Arkansas)

    RE podcast discussion: I desperately want Snow to have her happy ending, too, because I care about her and her family. Unfortunately, working towards a happy ending is not an excuse to do bad things. Most of the characters have shared their visions of the happy endings they think they deserve — and some are willing to damage or kill other people to get there. Christians can look towards a future happy ending in the next world through the love of God. But God doesn’t guarantee us a happy ending in this life, although many blessings are given to each of us as we journey on. God does tell us through his Word that we are not to return evil for evil. That might mean choosing self-sacrifice rather than doing evil, and giving up our simple idea of a happy ending here on earth. The deep peace of knowing we are choosing right rather than wrong is another kind of happy ending that might be more lasting. I fear that the scriptwriters are preparing us for Snow to take a wrong turn that will lead her to a deadly kind of suffering she has never imagined and that will place a terrible burden on her family. By the way, thanks for the entertaining and thoughtful podcasts.

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