ONC039: The Miller’s Daughter

ONC039: The Miller’s Daughter

In this episode: What did Cora give up for Regina? Why does Cora want Rumplestiltskin’s dagger so badly? What will Snow White do now she knows her mother was killed by Cora? Can Prince Charming stop her?

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  1. James

    Listening to this episode right now and am finding it very entertaining. I wanted to comment because the discussion turned to the question of just how many kingdoms are there in this land, and while driving I said to myself, “well, it’s probably like Germany, where if you had an acre of land, they called you a king.” I know this because, believe it or not, my family line goes back to a kingdom in Germany – the Funderburk’s. The lady on the podcast explained it perfectly how “Kingdoms” developed in Germany.

    Great podcast and looking forward to Fr. Roderick’s return!

  2. Frank Lerma

    I don’t have a comment on OUAT itself but on this particular podcast epidode. With all the excitement at the Vatican due to the election of Pope Francis, I was afraid it might be a couple of weeks before another episode came out. But, y’all (yes, I’m from Texas, Houston, in fact) got one out anyway, like I hoped you would. Great job hosting, Shelly (please excuse any spelling errors on your name)! And as usual great discussion. I myself am excited about the direction this season is taking. I look forward to each episode every week, both TV show and podcast. Keep up the great work!

  3. Nancy (USA - Arkansas)

    Loved the podcast. Very professional job, Shelly, thanks! There are two aspects to Snow’s decision to kill Cora. On one hand, her decision could be called justifiable in the crisis of the moment, when her husband and daughter are endangered by Cora’s threatened invasion of the pawnshop. Snow knows Cora will not hesitate to kill people in her way as she seeks to become The Dark One. Snow realizes that to defend her family she must quickly neutralize the power that Cora gained when Snow perhaps unwisely gave her the dagger. I could argue that Snow’s decision to kill Cora is justified as self-defense or defense of others who are under threat of destruction. So, Snow is not guilty of murder, the way I see it. The big problem is Snow’s use of Dark Magic. That use is absolutely forbidden by the opposing forces of Light. Snow’s alliance with Darkness has given Evil a foothold in her soul. Snow’s spiritual health does not require Regina’s forgiveness. Regina’s forgiveness would be a blessing and would help heal their relationship, but Snow’s greater need is to be forgiven for using Dark Magic. Now, I would suggest she go straight to the convent to confess to Mother Superior, in the absence of a priest. She can receive grace and absolution from the powers vested in the community of faith by the Lord of the universe. Will that happen in next week’s script? I doubt it. This show is good art, because it so often reflects the truth as we know it. But the truths that can make us all free can be too scary to be depicted more directly.

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