ONC041: Selfless, Brave and True

ONC041: Selfless, Brave and True

In this episode: Who is Tamara and what is she up to? Is she part of a secret society? How does ‘the Dragon’ know about Pinocchio? What will happen to Snow? Can she resist her dark side?

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  1. Bhuwan

    Greetings to all at SQPN and specially a a big thank you to the team of Once Upon a Time Podcast 🙂 I may be one the many people who came to know about the Once Upon a Time series from this podcast and later on started watching the show. Here in India the first season was telecasted months afterwards, the second season had started by that time in US, and there is no announcement yet on when the second season will come. I had started watching the show online after listening 3-4 episodes of this podcast last year.

    Okay the show may be loosing ratings, but I am totally hooked on the show, specially the last 3 episodes were truly amazing. So much has happened in the last 3 episodes and it has actually taken the show to a different path altogether. I think the show is expanding way beyond the fairy tale world now.

    Sometime a lot of attention is given to even the minutest things in the story line but there are some other occasions where explanation is lacking. I am in love with the show, just want to share some observations/ question which hopefully have explanation I missed out on.

    – All the male characters are just too shallow and gullible – from Mr. Gold to now his son Neil – the whole affairs seems to be a fight between good and evil women. And sometime it is difficult to say for sure who is good and who is evil – that is truly the genius of the writers.
    – By the way what makes you so sure that Tamara is an evil one here. Maybe she has some noble intention for doing all that she seems to be doing. We do not know her full story yet and the background, when reveled, can make all the difference in making her a positive or a negative character. What if she is a ‘Gostbuster’ type of character, extracting magic from those who have the undue advantage of having these powers in our world, where magic should not exist.
    – A random person in the hospital direct Pinocchio to dragon, was this also setup?
    – Dragon asked Pinocchio for 10,000 US$ – the same amount of money which he got from Neil for Emma but gobbled up himself – was it also a hit towards mending his ways and looking for solution within him.
    – Dragon could recognize Pinocchio within seconds, how could he not see through Tamara and if he did then why would he keep Tamara and her grand mother’s picture.
    – Considering the rules of physics, Tamara could not kill Dragon (he was a magical figure in the air) and Pinocchio (wooden boy) using electrical shock – it had to be a magical power to be able to kill magical people.
    – Ragina have the phone tapping system and could tap into Snow-Emma calls – but she has no clue on whats going on between Greg and HER (Tamara).
    – If Snow’s heart got a black patch by doing just one grey act, then the whole heart of Cora should have been totally black from the dark deeds she carried out throughout her life. But it wasn’t so, it was perfectly red 🙂

    Thanks again for the interesting podcast, keep it up.

    Warm Regards,


    1. Post author

      Hello Bhuwan!

      Thanks for your feedback! I’m curious about those things, too!
      Note that Cora removed her heart before she started to do evil things. So maybe the heart needs to be inside the body to blacken after doing evil things?

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