1. David Ferry

    I don’t understand why everyone assumes that just because the films don’t show a long journey on screen that people can travel hundreds of miles instantly. In FOTR, it is clear to me that time is passing as Gandalf travels to Minas Tirith and then Orthanc. In the book YEARS pass, in the film I can easily see that time is passing we just don’t have time to expore all of it.
    As far as AUJ, same thing. Radagast doesn’t make it from Mirkwood to west of the mountains in a really short time necessarily…The original introduction of Radagast could easily be a flashback…and a lot of time then passes as he journeys to meet Gandalf. In fact, I would assume that lots of time passes because the transition from Greenwood to Mirkwood can’t happen in a few weeks…it would need to take years…
    For me it is easy to see the passage of time, even if the films don’t necessarily explain it.
    But overall, great podcast!

  2. @_saruman

    How is it that Gandalf has the key if he hasn’t already gotten it from Thrain in Dol Guldur? I have seen the movie ten times and each time there’s more changes/screenplay adaptations that make no sense at all.

    On a similar note, I noticed that Saruman has a body double in the wide angle shots and I assume was not on-set…and that hair of his…just fantastic!

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