What Does the Star Wars VII Casting Call Tell Us?

What Does the Star Wars VII Casting Call Tell Us?

In this episode of Secrets of Star Wars, Fr. Roderick and Dom talk about the character descriptions in the Star Wars VII casting call that leaked out. What can we deduce from them? What roles will these characters play in the new movies? Is there any link with the characters from the established expanded universe? Are there any details in the descriptions that give us clues about the storyline? Plus: JJ Abrams talks about a central element of Star Wars VII.


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  1. Kirk Meyer

    Not even done listening to the episode but so excited and have some ideas for bad guys:

    Non force related (and therefore not the primary bad guys)
    1. New Imperial commander that unifies the very large and scattered forces (much like Admiral Thrawn)
    2. Large smuggler group (like the Black Sun in the expanded universe)seeks to fill the power gap
    3. Secret imperial forces, like a death star proto type at the Maw Installation comes out of the woodwork to wreck havoc

    Force Related
    4. Cloned Emperor (hope not but this does happen in the expanded universe especially in the comics)
    5. Resurrection or Phantom of an ancient Sith Lord such as Exar Kun or Naga Sadow that gains power/being as it lours and trains new dark Jedi; such as what happens at Yavin 4 during Luke establishing the new Jedi Order in the Jedi Acadamey Triligy Books (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jedi_Praxeum) I like this one the most but might not go the distance of 3 movies.
    6. Luke himself struggles or delves into learning the dark side. (This happens in the Dark Empire comics)
    7. A force sensitive person stumbles upon a Holocron (a holographic library of ancient jedi knowledge, usually with an evil twist, stored in a jewel) which then trains a new dark jedi.

    Thanks for the episode!

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