ONC049: Quite A Common Fairy

ONC049: Quite A Common Fairy

In this episode we find out more about Regina’s past and how she and Tinker Bell crossed paths. We ponder over the question if your future is determined or not. Was the Blue Fairy right to tell Tinker Bell that there’s no hope for the hopeless? Will Regina find her happy ending? What will happen now Baelfire/Neal found a way to get back to Neverland?

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  1. NVR

    Love the podcast. Listening to this weeks comments, a detail I noticed: Mulan never said she was in love with Philip. They spent a lot of time together, were great friends , of course she saved him. She probably fell for Aurora after Philip was gone…but she could not betray her friend and be that selfish , right?

    Also, please do not let any funny things happen between Emma and Hook..

    And finally: I love the referrences to other movies

    Thank you for the great show!

    Rgds from Brazil

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